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    RD deserves a comic series. With the release of the movie Naylor has to release a comic adaption, just look at everyone else doing it… Right now you can buy the Blade II and Scorpion King comic adaptions not to mention the array of Spiderman mini series coming out in May. You may notice even FARSCAPE has just had a 2 part mini series published. People need to support the idea of a comic in order to expand the RD merchandise we all want. If you think there should definately be a comic make it heard and go rant **** on other message boards so everyone will want a comic adaption and Doug will be forced to listen to us all.
    To prove it’s economically viable you may notice that DJ:Ix was advertised in a Forbidden Planet and they’ll soon be stocking the cards, the comic culture recognises Red Dwarf and it’s time to recognise that.


    The idea of a comic sounds brilliant. I’d even volunteer to draw it myself, except for the slight drawback that I’m an artistically inept 15-year-old with no experience of the comics industry.
    Red Dwarf would work very well in comic form and I’d definitely buy them. I think a book containing a whole series worth of stories would be best, and the best series for it would probably be 5 and 6 as they have more action and less of the long dialogue of earlier series.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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