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    Hi to all….
    I have tryed to record a test file of the episode Red Dwarf.It was a half hour show and i got it down to 6.2 meg.One problem is that i can get the sound to play nice and follow the movie but the video output is not the best..ANY ONE KNOW OF BETTER SOFTWARE than the one I’m using.ICQ me please from my home page..Here is the link
    I know its not the best but I’m still trying.
    Help please….
    Thanks tommytomato


    Getting the video and sound to work together can be a real pain in the bum! To be honest though, I’ve always found that your video scanning card should come with the right software to enable you to do it.

    However, you might try TMPEG ( to try and re-encode your video and sound. I’ve never had the same problem (I use BUZ video card and software).


    Cool Thanks for the help with the software
    However i have worked at the sound and that runs nicely.( Just the video output to do now)
    I’m trying to get it down to a good size for people who dont have ADSL or Cable or streamline accounts for them its easy to download 100 at a time.For 56 users it better if the file is under 10 meg.
    So as soon as i get good software I will upload all Red Dwarf Ep’s that will be under 10 meg each..Untill them thanks for all the help guys..
    Cheers tommy..If users know of better software..POST IT


    An episode under 10mb will be quite poor quality no matter what you do. The best thing to do is to keep it at least 50mb for the whole file. Then split the file up into 5 pieces, at least your getting some decent quality.

    Of course, if you use dc++ you can dload just about any episode, and the one im downloading (emohawk, is 280mb!!)




    Interesting. I’ve never heard of DC++

    I’ll have to check it out.



    We can i find DC++ i cant seem to find it.

    O yer i did get the red dwarf down to 50 meg with good graphics.I do have FTP here but no one seems to want to trade You know 1 for 1
    Email me if you want to trade i check every 2 days.

    [email protected]

    News about the site
    Site is down thanks to a hacker who runs a stargate site.Will post new site as soon as we get DSL with Unlimted access..

    cheers for nownullLateknight[/url][EMAIL][email protected][/EMAIL ]


    have a nice day

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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