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    From Robert Llewellyn’s (Krytens) Website….


    The movie… ah yes, the movie. When when when will we know? Well, Mr Naylor is deep in script at the moment, so still no one knows except the maestro. I exist in a sealed data vacuum as far as what it’s about and who’s in it. The Madonna story has been and gone, the Jackie Chan notion seems like fun, but is based on zero information……..

    For more information, checkout:



    The cast of Red Dwarf recently attended the wedding of Chloé Anette in a lovely church in Hampstead, London. Her new husband Alex is the manager of British pop idols, Oasis, some of whom were also in attendance.

    At the reception there was much talk of the Red Dwarf movie, presently slated to start in May 2001, shoot for 18 to 20 weeks, and then be released in Easter 2002. We are all gathering again in November for a script read through, and everyone involved is trying to arrange their other work commitments to fit in with the gruelling schedule that only Red Dwarf can create.


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    i really love red dawrf and hope they do make a series IX. you forgot to mention that there is more RD movie news on the main site

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    …you forgot to mention that there is more RD movie news on the main site

    Hiya BOB, thanks for the post. I do try and re-post (and divert) peeps to the site when new news is available. Its a great site and well worth promoting. Unfortunately there isn’t much new news about the RD movie other than crew details and they were late and innacurate about the Crag Charles/Hattie Hayridge LEXX episode news (so much so that it was pointed out in the LEXX Episodes thread when I posted the news article cobbled (and credited) from – it was P4X not P3X).

    The links you gave seemed interesting, if you have new news please feel free to post it here and I’ll include it as a news item in the Red Dwarf News feed (used by other webmasters).


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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