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    Cast commentary. The End writers and director commentary. ‘Launching Red Dwarf’ documentary. ‘Drunk’ featurette. Photo Gallery. Original BBC Series One trailer. Deleted scenes. Model effects shots (original 35mm). Smeg-ups. Japanese The End episode. Easter eggs. Isolated music cues. Talking book chapters. Weblink.


    Sound cool

    Wish I had some money..


    Wish I had a DVD player….



    Originally posted by SadGeezer:

    …there are more fans in the US than in Britain.

    I really, really, really doubt that. Every time I bring up the subject of Red Dwarf, I have to explain everything about the show. And then I get funny looks. No one around where I live knows about anything other than church and football. Anything else is considered a waste of time.

    Red Dwarf is rarely played on television in the USA. If it is played, it’s aired on “public television” that hardly anybody watches.

    It took nearly twenty years and A Fish Called Wanda before Monty Python received wide public acceptance.



    Originally posted by :
    What region is this release?

    I just recieved my copy (only £17 by the way) and all I can gleen from the cover is that it is available in region 2 and region 4. It’s just GOT to be available in the US though, there are more fans in the US than in Britain.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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