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    James Axford sent in some useful info regarding the Red Dwarf ships. I’ve updated the page but wondered if any of you knew tha ACTUAL length of Red Dwarf. Is it 4 or 6 miles long?

    Page was updated with the following:
    “Red Dwarf has a small moon embedded on its underside, the “scoop” on the front of the ship sucks hydrogen currents from the currents in space and converts it into fuel, the ship can only support one hologram, there is (or was) 1,169 crew members …”


    “…Starbug is actually made out of the same stuff as a black box (the thing that records everything that happens on a plane)”

    Thanks James, not bad for a 15 year old



    I believe that the ship is actualy 6 miles long, Unless you are counting the episode where Red Dwarf was re-created by the nano bots, and was slightly larger than norma, Best line in that episode, “They dont like it when your rat assed” lol.


    My friend told me it was 19 miles long, but he never said where he got that, and it doesn’t sound right.


    It might give things like the ship length in the book.. I’ll have a look if it’s still in the house. The Starbug thing was in one of the episodes, since the black-boxes were the only things to survive plane crashes they made the ‘bugs out of the same stuff.


    Okie.. according to the book the Dwarf is 3 miles high, 4 miles wide and nearly 6 miles long. The struts of the ramscoop on the front are 1/2 a mile long.


    O)k, So we are all proved wrong! lol DOH! O well, Lets just all agree that it is huge? 😛

    I will post the official info for all vehicles in RD soon.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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