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    The first crocus are blooming in the front yard and are, to me , a sign of renewal and rebirth. Witnessing a new Spring erupting in hues of butter yellow, lavender and white tends to make me somewhat nostalgic. This time last year the glow of pleasure was still heavy on my mind. Mega Con was ten days past and I was still feeling the joy of having spent time with some of my favorite people. After a year of major illness, going to Orlando was a challenge and a new experience. It was the first chance I had to see the stars of Lexx since my trip to Halifax in 2001. I also met and grew to like many of my fellow Lexxians. Here’s to all you guys and to the fun we had in Orlando. I was so sorry things went to Hell in a handbasket and still cling to the little glimmer of hope that we may once more get to spend up close and personal time with the fine folks of Lexx.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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