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    Anyone who can help me? I’m running out of stuff to watch. The current Sci Fi being aired isn’t exactly “filling up” my available hours for enjoying some entertainment.

    Recently I’ve found myself digging deeper and further back in time for stuff to watch. My latest viewings include stuff like Screamers, Total Recall 2070 and Trancers, to name a few. All of which I enjoyed.

    If anyone got some pointers to older Sci Fi (especially movies), feel free to post.


    Karate Ruler

    A 15min short film seem to be taken straight out of the weirdness of Lexx, only way stranger. May give you some chuckles.

    Nick -Z.

    I’m running out of stuff to watch.

    I’ve been having the same problem, but then again, I don’t even have cable right now.

    But I have done some investing in DVDs and during my research, have come across a fairly good search engine that might be of some help, that is, if you’re into DVDs.

    There are some fairly good deals through Amazon, and they can be found through this engine. There are some really good deals on the really old stuff, sci-fi classics and cult classics, but be sure to read some of the reviews before making a purchase, because some of them are rip-offs.

    In any case, if you’re a true sci-fi fan, browsing through this site is like a trip down memory-lane.


    In any case, if you’re a true sci-fi fan, browsing through this site is like a trip down memory-lane.


    Thanks for the link. Looking at the bottom of the site it reads page 1 of 1119. 😀

    It’s hard for find new material that’s worth watching. I generally use IMDB to look for new movies to watch, but it’s hard to locate the good movies. Movies that I like, others might regard as pure thrash. Therefore searching for “high rated” sci fi movies just returns the standard stuff like Alien, Blade Runner etc and if you try to search for some average rated stuff, you instead get a couple of thousand results. It’s very hard to “pick out” some good stuff that way. So I’ve basically ended up with picking my movies from user-comments laying around the net, but it’s getting harder and harder to locate new material. Hench, I’m nagging here. 😛

    Currently my todo list includes: Omega Doom (1997), A Boy and His Dog (1975)[/url], Gandahar (1988)[/url], The Unknown(1927 non-scifi)[/url], Paprika (2006)[/url]. Hopefully a couple of good movies among them (when I manage to get hold of one.)

    Nick -Z.

    Looking at the bottom of the site it reads page 1 of 1119.

    Yeah, that does make it somewhat difficult. But i have found that using key-words like “Sci-fi Classic”, “Outer Space”, “The Moon”, and anything else basically sci-fi that you can think of helps narrow the search down considerably, and after it does that, if you check out one of the selections, it also includes “related” items with links below it on the same page.

    I realize it’s like a gamble with one’s time, but sometimes it turns up some interesting items.

    Just last month I received 2 classic sci-fi packages (Sci-Fi Flicks and Classics from Outer Space) and “The Infinite Worlds of H. G. Wells“, which was really quite good. If you haven’t seen that one yet, I highly recommend it.


    Yeah, I’ve got the same problem. Even worse, I think I’ve seen everything and my tastes are starting to lean towards the obscure which makes it harder.

    Here are a few series and movies which I have just discovered/watched that I can recommend…Warning some of these shows have a high cheese factor. I wouldn’t exactly call any of these “good” sci-fi, but if you grew up on this stuff like I did, they might bring a smile to your face.


    – Star Maidens (British/German Scifi series from the 70’s)
    – The Starlost (Canadian SciFi from the 80’s)
    – The Martian Chronicles (TV mini series from the 80’s)
    – The Tripods (British Scifi – haven’t seen it but looks good)
    – Blakes 7 (British series from the 70’s)


    – Demon Seed – 1977
    – Genesis II – 1973
    – The Questor Tapes – 1974
    – Planet Earth – 1974
    – Battle Beyond the Stars – 1980
    – Silent Running – 1972
    – Soylent Green – 1973
    – Nemesis – 1993
    – Warning Sign – 1985


    Those are all good choices, I forgot about some of them. I saw “A Boy And His Dog” (it was Don Johnson’s first movie by the way) with Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse Five” in an art house. “Slaughterhouse Five” is a weird, cult SF classic in its own right.


    A Psycho Boy and His Killer Dog … rings a bell.

    Need to look into that.


    I mentioned this in another thread but had to post it here, also. The movie is “Charly” starring Cliff Robertson in an Oscar winning performance as the title character. Based on the novel by Daniel Keyes, it is the story of a 30 year old mentally retarded man who submits to experimental surgery designed to increase his intelligence. Funny, sad, inspiring and very entertaining, this is a one of a kind movie and is well worth a view or two. has copies of the DVD and VHS.


    Wow! LOADS ofstuff out there (most of it newer than a year….)


    Heroes (US)
    The Lost Room (Notthe Lost series although you might like that too) (US)
    Life on Mars (UK)
    Dr Who (Cheesy UK crap)
    Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex (series 1 & 2) (Anime – Japan – make sure you see the Eng Dubbed version, subtitles are almost impossible to follow)
    Kin Dza Dza 🙂 (Russian sci fi film – see it on Google video)
    Supernatural (Wife insisted I put that in) (US)
    Claymore (Japan – Anime)
    Ergo Proxy (Japan Anime)
    MPD Psycho (Japan Live action)

    Hero (China)
    Ghost in the Shell 3 & 3 (Japan Anime)
    PI (US)
    Pans Labrynth (Spain)

    There is lots more, I just can’t think of them at the moment.

    Hope that helps.


    Gonna check out Ergo Proxy. 😀

    Luckily I picked up Star Trek Enterprise after abandoning it on season 1. The series kinda grew on me the more I watched it. I really liked season 3 with it’s arching story.

    One movie I didn’t complete was Nemesis. I watched the first 15 minutes and it was just horrible, horrible, horrible!! Evidently, some sci-fi are unbearable. 🙂

    Also want to add a heartless scifi from Korea named Natural City[/url]. The usual story about a troubled man and his sexbot. Nothing great, but a sci-fi.


    Ergo Proxy was quite decent. 🙂


    a short lived series called “Space: Above and Beyond” ❓

    As I think back to it, I remember it as pretty good! Anyone else agree?


    a short lived series called “Space: Above and Beyond” ❓

    As I think back to it, I remember it as pretty good! Anyone else agree?

    S:AAB had the best ending ever.


    I LOVED how the humans found out in the last ep they were the bad guys the whole time. Incredible. You NEVER see that.

    There were a few episodes of VR5 I really liked but it got a little soapy in parts. Not sure if it’s out on legal dvds.

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