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    I spent most of my free ti-…well all my time reading all 5 Hitch Hiker’s books after seeing the tv series on video a few months ago.My mind is actually pretty blurred on some stuff in the books since everytime I finished one of them I immediately started on the next one.

    The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to Galaxy:
    So many things that didn’t make sense in the tv series made sense here. Extremely funny.

    The Retaurant at the End of the Universe:
    Slightly better than the first book. All that good be said for the first book applies here too.

    Life,The Universe,And Everything:
    I think this is the worst of the books,but is still pretty good.

    So Long and Thanks for All the Fish:
    My favourite of the books.Heard it being described as the darkest of the books but I disagree. I just think it’s different not darker. Glad to not see Zaphod in this book as he was the least likable thing about the first 3 books(although in “Restaurant” he had his moments).

    Mostly Harmless:
    Kind of in the middle with this book. Half of it was very enjoyable the other half was boring. Also the chronology of the events went all over the place and it was almost impossible to tell when what was happening.
    The ending is incredibly depressing but I laughed when I read it anyway.


    “So long and thanks for all the fish!”

    Makes “The dead do not poo” look pedestrian. Probably the funniest line I ever heard.


    I laughed at the line when I watched the tv series so I suppose when I read the book it had already lost it’s magic.

    I can’t recall exact things I laughed at as it’s been a few weeks so I read them and it’s all began to blur but I remember laughing very hard outloud several times.


    OMG, I so cried when I read Mostly Harmless. I was hysterical, it was like a member of my family had died. I couldn’t listen to Pink Floyd (long story) for 2 months, and actually buried my original copy of the book the day Douglas Adams died , I just hope Salmon of Doubt comes out and makes it a little better (even though it’s made from notes and patches .)


    I felt much the same as Nirvanah on reading ‘Mostly Harmless’ – except the bit about Pink Floyd… … oh, and I didn’t bury my copy when DA died, but I did mourn in my own way. And yes, I too am waiting with baited breath for Salmon of a Doubt to appear…… geddit, baited? And salmon… fish… bait……. ah, forget it…

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