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    Robot Combat League - new show


    SYFI are plugging their new show by telling people they can view it online before they see it on TV.  There are 2 episodes available. Not sure it’s a good idea.  What do you think?

    SYFI.COM – checkout the episodes here:

    It actually put me off  🙂



    I was impressed that they didn’t even seem to region lock it. I could watch it from Sweden without using any proxies or stuff like that. Kinda cool concept, and a pretty fascinating leap from the Robot Wars show from the mid 90’s, where they pretty much only used weaponized RC cars. But still not quite what I’d consider actual robots, which would be something more in line with the DARPA Challenge, robots that work on their own without direct human input. This was more in the style of remote controlled exoskeletons … which it feels really weird to say isn’t the coolest thing of all time. But, yeah, there are actual computer controlled Google Cars out there in active service, taking that concept into a battle arena was more in line with what I expected by the show’s premise.


     Yeah, to be honest, they look too pretty to be interesting.  I can think of much better designs (case in point is your comment on exosceletons), but alas they would look much uglier.  I wonder if the show would be as popular if the robots were lesserm…. sexy  🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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