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    • The Art forum will start off basically working the same as the other forums, except that only registered nicks can participate.
    • The Graphic can be posted as a small reduced .jpg with a link to where you have them posted on the web with feedback posted below.


    • no deliberately inflammatory images.
    • no plagiarizing without permission.
    • no hard XXX/slasher/snuff/bondage/shocker images. As a rule erotica would be okay, but if you aren’t sure about yours, ask a moderator to look at it, before you post it.


    Umm, Flame, could you please post the instructions for putting thumbnails in a post?



    When you want to put an image in a post, you need to have your image uploaded to a webpage directory. Such an image can be accessed using any webbrowser.

    Many internet providers allow for personal webpages, such as AOL. Myself, I pay about $20 (U.S) a month for 500 megabytes of webpage space for my own website, Flamegrape.Com.

    There are ways to obtain free webpages, but you might have problems putting such pictures in posts.

    But once you have your image uploaded to a website directory, follow these instructions:

    1. When you compose a message, you will see various “Message Icons”, a space to type in your message, and below that a number of buttons labeled, “Instant UBB Code”. Find a button labeled “Image” and press it.

    2. You should get a prompt for a URL address. Enter the URL of your picture file.

    3. This will place the UBB code with the URL reference at the very end of your post. If you would like to place the image at a specific point in your post, cut and paste the UBB code.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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