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    I transferred this from another thread because it deserved it’s own thread:

    Hey Sadgeezers!

    I’m down as creature013…. although my psuedo name is actually ‘Mister Sam’. ‘creature013’ is my email address… heh!

    Ok well, yeah… the pilot for our first ‘SADCAST’ is now complete… should be up there at some point real soon, if not already, for the multiverse to oggle at and listen to.

    Kato will be listing a top ten of various Sci-Fi favourites in the next and future ‘SADCAST’s, such as – ‘Top Ten Sci-fI Weapons’, ‘Top Ten Sci-Fi Monsters’, ‘Top Ten Sci-Fi Babes’ and so on…

    Each podcast will list a different ‘Top-Ten’ – the results will be compiled from the emailed favourites from any and all listeners.

    So tune in to the first ‘SADCAST’ to find out what the first ‘Top-Ten’ will be and then email Kato with your own ‘favourite’ to be put in for the vote!

    We also welcome your own ‘Top-Ten’ suggestions for future ‘SADCAST’s.

    email:"> (either a suggestion for a ‘Top-Ten’ or once you’ve seen the pilot/first ‘SADCAST’, your favourite for our first ‘Top-Ten’).

    Until next time – chiao!

    Mister Sam

    Please give Kato your feedback, she’s keen to here from you.

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