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    Welp! I just couldn’t resist doing a review of the classic Cowboy Bebop for those of us starved of good sci fi and willing to give anime a try.

    Re-watching some of the old episodes again was terrific and I really hope I managed to get the feeling of the show over in the four clips I chose for the show (and yes, I did include the falling scene from Ballard of Fallen Angels episode).

    In 6this review I tried the green screen technique and have to rteport that it was only partially successful. Lighting and depth of colour are a serious consideration and simply using a green tablecloth wont hack it next time.

    I used Ulead Media Studio for the green screen technique (overlay) and although the software is wonderful, the shade of the tablecloth meant that there was some ‘bleed’ around the edges. Hope it doesn’t wind you up too much.

    We are shooting the next SadCAST (#7) on Friday next week with the usual crowd.

    If you want to make a comment or add some content or even take part, email us at:">

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