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    SadCAST #2 was recorded in the early hours of Sunday morning at 1.00am GMT 14th May 2006. Participants were, SadGeezer, Mike, Mister Sam, Newkate and Kato (who will do a separate piece) in the studio (Sam’s front room), and joined by Headgehog, Hollidays and Lexxrobotech via Skype.

    We thought that after the coronary provoking chaos of the first podcast that things would settle down for the second and we could just sit back and relax.

    Of course, it didn’t work out like that at all!

    Mike got …. “enthusiastic” again and we disagreed and argued avidly about sci fi stuff for an hour or two. So much so, that the next podcast will be almost certainly be two-parter – there is just far too much sci fi news to cram into a single episode.

    It started off with a disastrous sound check, nothing seemed to go well and it took around three hours to set things up so that they were recordable. By this time Kato had to go to bed as she had to be up for work four hours later. We were about to call it a night and try again tomorrow, when suddenly after tweaking a knob, we were ready.

    Kato will do a separate slot to introduce the show and her feature on Sci Fi monsters. She’s keen to hear your views on what YOU think are the scariest Sci Fi monsters (email her at [email protected])

    After learning that we could simply edit out bad bits, we relaxed a little more the reviews and news items. Headgehog pulled out some very cool information about Dr Who spin-off series (torchwood and K9), David Eccleston’s part in the new Sky One remake of the Prisoner (plus other prisoner news) and details of Brendan Frasers role in the Journey to the Centre of the Earth movie.

    I then did a small review of the classic Russian Sci Fi film, Kin Dza Dza. We included a short clip (just to let you see what it is that you’re missing!)

    Then Headgehog took the stage again for a review of recent episodes of Alias and Lost (including clips of each).

    There then followed a discussion on the Stargate SG1 series and how bullish Sci Fi channel are in telling the world that there will not only be a new series, but that they are also considering a film too! X-Men 3 was also discussed and how there were also some bad reviews (Val Vader’s review on ‘Ain’t it Cool News described the film as ‘underwhelming’).

    Hat’s probably where we’ll end the SadCAST #2 part 1.

    We then discussed more news, Sci Fi Channels new show lineup (and how uninspiring it is), the Battlestar Galactica Comic Book series and up and coming TV show premiers.

    Newkate reviewed the new Anime series (recently released on DVD called Karas (clip included).

    And finally Mike (having being left until last and by this time pretty inebriated) wound the show up with a piece on Sci Fi Animation. Nobody really understood much of it, though he had brought lots of DVD’s to show us. We’re pretty sure that the show will feature an extended review of current stuff produced by Mike as a separate piece.

    The show finally wound up at around 2.30am (3.30am for Lexxrobotech)!

    We will be working hard to edit and produce the show for upload to iTunes by Sunday 21st May. Hope you enjoy it!


    Sorry about the delay in production of SadCAST #2

    We’re having some technical problems (hard disk crash and faulty monitor). Also, there is just too much info! The recording is for at least one hour and we’re editing this down to around 15 minutes – there have been some pretty drastic cuts in the hope that we can get as much of what was said as possible, but most of us (that took part) have had dialogue cut.

    The reason is that the show needs to be as punchy as possible and we have to balance download bandwidth and file size with interesting content.

    Mike, as usual, has done a fantastic job of editing, but it’s taken longer than expected.

    SadCAST #2 will be completed and uploaded to the server tomorrow evening (afternoon in the US).

    SadCAST #3 will be recorded on this Friday at 11.30 PM GMT.


    Are we there yet?


    Just converting it now. We’ve had to re-encode to try and get rid of some of the clicks and poor audio. We’ve run this video segment through so many filters it’s truely scary!

    Just converting from a DV file to an m4v file before uploading to iTunes.

    Be done in an hour or so.


    Still encoding – second attempt.

    Expecting it up im the next hour :/


    It’s 5.30am and still no nearer. I’m converting all the clips to MPEG and then re-joining them before converting to MP4 and uploading to itunes.

    The main conversion will take a few hours so I’m going to get some sleep while that happens.

    SadCAST #2 will be up on Sunday (1 week late!!!)

    Sorry we’re being such amateurs with this, but we’re erm… amateurs 🙂

    Incidentally, they guys are pretty pissed off about this too. The big problem with SadCAST is that we are n’t professionals and we’re doing what most podcasters aren’t. I guess there’s a reason why peeps don’t record group sessions with members all around the world (skype), it’s too damn hard!

    We’ve decided that the SadCASTS will be split up. We’ll still continue the SadCAST format, but most of the reviews will be separate and uploaded much more quickly.

    The first of these review segments will be done by me and I’ll be reviewing Stalker.

    We understand that some of you will be mildly pissed off by the delays, but honestly, this is really hard and it’s a very steep learning curve.


    Not pissed off at all…take the time you need and get some sleep.


    Thanks. Finally got it up and running. SadCAST #2 is currently in itunes and will be available in the SadGeezer SadCAST RSS feed in the next few minutes.

    Sorry again for the wait.

    Next show will be a short review of the film – Stalker.


    Hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Shorter uploads generally mean shorter downloads for people like me with sh*tty old dial-up. It took me three tries and over 8 hours of dl time to get the first sadcast.

    Who knows, the more experience you accrue, the more likely an epiphany wil be as far as production goes.

    Keep up the good work


    Thanks aqua.

    This whole sadcast thing is scary as hell. We just godda do it, but the tech wont let us!

    And, I know what you mean about the low bandwidth stuff. I’m working on shorter sci fi reviews as we speak.


    Well, that was definitely more relaxed and playful 🙂

    No longer agree with the Lost enthusiasm though – the second season has generally been a lame joke. The show no longer pushes my buttons and simply tests one’s patience. Talk about squandering an intriguing premise – see the bitterness fiesta at for the comprehensive fan backlash (implausible characterisations and plot digressions or developments, etc)

    And can someone review mirrormask? Not sci fi as such, but an intriguing ‘fantasy’ with some great visuals and set pieces.


    “Blame Canada”


    Hi Tony- it’s Mike- just thought I’d say that me and Sam are very impressed with the mini review- ace, love the “hiding away in the shed” look.

    Just a quickie to anyone watching these things- we have decided to revamp the format for this next one (sadcast3) as well as starting work on “SciGone” the animated series.
    Unfortunately the prospect of making “SciGone” as origionally planned is far too overbearing at the moment – its a big big venture- so I think we are going to need a bit of sponsorship before we can do it justice, coupled with the fact we have to do our real jobs so we are not eating floorboards again.
    Anyway we think we have come to a great conclusion of how to make it all work for the benefit of the NEW IMPROVED Sadcast and SciGone itself. So stay posted Sadpeople.

    Oh yeah, Tom Cruise will be in in the next one too.


    Christopher Eccleston is not playing Number 6. He was not approached and it went no further than that. His management agency even referred to the rumor as “balderdash”, Eccleston himself said it was “nonsense” about 3 weeks ago, I believe.

    (Edit: I left out a “not”. Sorry, I am in the midst of a caffeine cut-down.)


    The main conversion will take a few hours so I’m going to get some sleep while that happens.

    SadCAST #2 will be up on Sunday (1 week late!!!)

    Sorry we’re being such amateurs with this, but we’re erm… amateurs 🙂

    Saying your an Amature does not excuse BAD. You always take the chance of killing any audence that way.

    If your schedue is too tough then do it once a month. (Or less)

    It takes time to learn video production. I’ve been at it for over 6 years and I still think most of my stuff is sub par.

    Come on guys!



    For goodness sake, get yer head outa yer arse!

    ANYONE should have a go at this – that’s what podcasting is all about!!

    It’s not meant to be professional and it’s perfectly ok to make mistakes WHILE learning how to do it. Feedback is great and will, in the end, be the only thing that enables us to make a better show.

    Lets face it the professionals have been messing it up for years! Why the hell do you think amateurs want to make our own shows anyway!

    I’ll bet your stuff is ‘sub-par’ because you haven’t got the balls to have a go! If you can’t criticize constructively sod off and do something better!


    Hmmm. The time difference has made this post go wonky (that or the bloody ISP have changed servers again). This post is supposed to go below the following one [/color] :/

    If you guys had been doing this a few years ago, you could have included those interviews I did with the Lexx cast. If anyone plans to do that sort of interviewing again at some future convention, I might be able to pass along some advice.

    Ya know dude, it was those interviews that inspired me/us to have a go at doing SadCAST.

    {I’d still love to use them! Maybe you could introduce your own slot, the “Flamegrape Interviews” – I think Xenia is always current and cool to watch and there are certainly a HUGE number of LEXX fans who probably still haven’t seen them}

    Waddaya say Flame, interested in running a few slots?

    PM me if you are.


    I just wanted to say that I enjoyed podcast #1 and I’m downloading #2. Bravo! I think it’s a good effort. Keep at it!

    If you guys had been doing this a few years ago, you could have included those interviews I did with the Lexx cast. If anyone plans to do that sort of interviewing again at some future convention, I might be able to pass along some advice.



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