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    This is the first of the SadGeezers Guide video reviews and it deals with the cult classic sci fi film by Andrei Tarkovsky, Stalker. There are clips of the film and an explanation of the plot (without giving too much away). Newkate also enlightens us with her opinion.

    The show was recorded on Saturday 27th May 2006 at 11.30pm GMT (at my house).

    Mike, Sam, Newkate and myself were present along with Headgehog, Hollidays, Lexxrobotech and Faldor via Skype. The illusive Kato was present in spirit only as she was in California on a fashion shoot.

    This time the show seemed to go a lot better than we suspected. Mike stayed sober, it was only me this time that slurred his words. The relaxed atmosphere contributed to a more professional delivery and we actually started to enjoy ourselves.

    The main topic of the show was the ‘definition of sci fi’ but I was more interested to discover what the venerable companions thought of the genre, what would be considered borderline.

    Holly explained that sci fi was anything that had both elements of fiction and science but we explored this with examples such as the film Stalker (Andrei Tarkovsky) and the TV show House. Others gave their opinions too.

    I wont spoil it by explaining too much of the show, but will add that there will be two separately filmed pieces. The first will be Mike discussing Animation and introducing a competition (and Pets animation called SadAlien). Faldor will also be reviewing the cult amateur (not much!) film, ‘In the Pirkinning’.

    We’ve been plagued with technology problems of late and this show will also prove to be difficult. I’ve been trying out some new software (and hardware) to see if the production can be speeded up a little and I’ve managed to have a little success (see the SadCAST Stalker review).

    Hopefully we should have SadCAST 3 up in the next week or so. Hope you enjoy it.

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