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    After a moderately successful test, we’ve decided to produce our first (of many) Sci Fi SadGeezers Podcasts. We’re hoping it will be every two weeks or so and we’re going to bite the bullet and go for a video podcast.

    The first show will be recorded on the 21st April at 11.30pm GMT and published on iTunes and other places soon after.

    You will also be able to download the show directly from this site.

    The format of the show will be small group (4) of sci fi fans talking and reviewing current and cool sci fi shows, books, animation and films. We will be joined by the venerable theFrey, Headgehog, Hollidays, lexxrobotech and Logan (subject to availability) and other people who show interest and expertise via Skype from all over the world.

    We are also hoping to showcase short (2 minute) reviews by people like YOU GUYS about any sci fi topic you like, all you need to do is record the video segment (2 mins) and send to us and if it’s suitable (i.e. about sci fi and not too many 4 letter words) we’ll add it into the show.

    The show will hopefully last about 20-25 minutes and be available in Flash, .MOV and AVI (XViD) formats.

    If you have any comments or would like to be part of the production team, Please respond here.

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