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    …forget that Gina Torres is from Cleopatra 2525?!?! Its quite funny because you called her a mix between Cleopatra and…

    Granted most people felt this show was crap, but I loved Cleo 2525! All 3 of the actresses have made good as well. Gina is now in Firefly, Victoria “Vicky” Pratt is on MutantX, and Jennifer Sky is on that new piece of crap Fox show about undercover cops this fall.

    Great work on the guides btw, incredible how you dish out all this info so fast, they outta pay you for promoting Firefly better than Fox could =)



    Spoken like a true sadgeezer 🙂

    Actually I hadn’t forgotten that she was in Cleopatra. You prolly took the Purity test and forgot about the Goddess, Egyptian Monarch, Xena’s slave question.

    I didn’t see her as Cleopatra, but I saw the pictures, hence the ‘as much complementary as a married dude can get’ description of her

    How could you doubt me Lexxlurker


    Oh ye of little faith huh? hehe My mistake =) Honestly though its nice to see her back, she was fantastic in Hercules/Xena as well as Cleopatra 2525, truly a sexy woman with some muscles to keep us droolers away.

    I also saw on a preview recently that Jayne used the word “Frelling” I wonder if they are going to have some Farscape homages or if I heard wrong.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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