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    Hi Fellow Lexxians,
    Saturday evening, I watched the last Lexx movie, `Giga Shadow’. It finally told how Stan became who he is, why Kai sometimes acted the way he did & that Kai sometimes brought out into being.
    It starts out with the Priestess & Divine Shadow telling the story so far, on facts about the Giga Shadow, bringing viewers up-to-date; then ends up with our heros talking about Kai. When Zev finds Kai, he was singing his Brunnen-G Fight SOng & Zev asked him whether or not they should go back to the Light universe for somemore Proto-blood for him; he advised her not too; since he was running out of Proto-blood, Zev wanted to return to the Light universe, but Stan said no until he fixed Kai’s Cryochamber. Kai found a baby Cluster-lizzard & named it Squish.
    When Stan finally gave in, he told the Lexx to go back the same way they got in & the Lexx went back into the Light univers; when Zev, Kai & 790 went down to the planet for somemore Proto-blood, everyone seemed dead. A few droplets of something dripped into a mouth of 1 & started going after the Giga Shadow when His Shadow took over. Meanwhile, Zev, Kai & Squish went downstairs when Kai fell over; Zev went back upto get in some of the drippings, gave it to Squish & told it to give it to Kai; then she went back up to the Lexx with 790 & told Stan to blow up the planet.
    Meanwhile, Stan was teased, of what looked like, a lady in distress; when he went to her ship, he found 2 old friends & was tied up. When Zev & 790 went towards the Lexx, Stan had already escaped & was heading towards them. Meanwhile, Kai thanked Squish, took his Proto-blood & went after the Shadow’s source; he kept hearing His voice, follwed it until he was spitted out. Zev & Stan saw him, picked him up & headed directly towards the Dark Zone. The Giga Shadow followed them into the Dark Zone & a worm-like thing bit into the Lexx; the Shadow followed them into a corner & told them what he truely was; while the Shadow was ready to go after Kai, Squish started eating his brains, killing him.
    After it was all over, the Lexx was told to go find them a new home while Zev & Kai hugged & kissed each other; when Zev was hugging Kai, his eyes turned black.
    I thought this movie was really great & I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys the show. I also recommend it for anyone who just started watching Lexx. I now know what the show is all about. I hope you all enjoy the movie as much as I have.

    Lexxians Unite,
    Jhevz 😉


    GigaShadow is my fav movie, I waited eaight years for Austar to put it on and wasn’t disappointed.

    Though you’ve really got to wonder, when Zev and Kai hugged and kissed – was that the essence of HDS influencing Kai to have an emotional state, or was it something else? 😀


    I could have done without the 2 weirdos trying to capture Stan again. I loved the rest of the movie and especially when it is revealed what His Shadow is really all about. I just think that little side story was unnecessary.


    This is my favorite Lexx movie as well. It answered a lot of questions I had since I saw the series in the 4th season before I saw the movies. I actually liked getting to see Stan pay Feppo and Schmoor back. I also feel Gigashadow is triumphant Stan wise for the Stanley Tweedle song. I loved seeing him stick it to those heckling brains.

    I’m not sure whether the Insect Essence motivated Kai to be more emotional. It’s certainly a credible theory. But he seemed somewhat emotional to me when he was on the bridge with HDS in IWHS.

    For me, I think the Beans just hadn’t decided how they wanted to develop the Kai character. But, that’s just a guess.

    My favorite Kai mushy moment in Gigashadow isn’t the kiss, but the ” That’s My Baby ” line and following pout. I thought his interaction with Squish was adorable. Yes, I do realise how incredibly sappy I am. 😆

    I wondered if he was being emotional when he said he had no feelings about fulfilling the prophesy. He is hesitant in answering, and one could take that as him taking the time to ponder whether he indeed has any feelings, and really meaning it when he says he has no feelings. Or, it could be taken as him deriving no satisfaction from avenging his people, since any crime victim can tell you, there never really is any satisfaction even when justice is served. Or, it could be taken as him being too emotional to discuss it, so he shuts Zev out.

    Ordinarily, I’d take him at face value when he says he has no feeling on something, but his character was so different in the movies than the series, it’s hard to say.


    Thanks for the wonderful posts Fellow Lexxians,
    I’ve enjoyed read them tremendously; I like reading what others think of the 4 movies & whether they like them or not.
    Here’s what I think of the 4 movies:
    `I Worship His Shadow’
    `Giga Shadow’
    `Eating Pattern’

    Thanks again for the lovely posts; I hope to see you all at Dragon*Con.

    Lexxians Unite,
    Jhevz 😉

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