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    From: Barbarella

    Hello my Scaper Lovelies

    As most of you know on Friday David Kemper, Ben Browder, and Richard Manning
    announced there would be no 5th season of Farscape.

    Well I believe we can make a difference….

    But we must remain intelligent, insightful, make good points, and always
    remain scapers.

    We should do as David, Ben, Richard, and Anthony asked and always remain
    polite, do not threaten, do not insult. When writing its ok to show your
    sadness and to even show your anger to a degree but always remain scapers
    and don’t take the low road when addressing the issues. Make good points.

    For instance:

    Farscape is Sci-Fi’s highest rated series to date with the exception of John
    Edwards and he’s not even sci-fi.

    according to David Kemper, “Unrealized Reality” received a Nielsen Rating of
    1.5. That equates to 1.5 million viewers tuning in to watch that particular

    Farscape has a vast and varied intelligent viewing audience

    Farscape has won numerous awards for the show and its actors

    TV GUIDE calls it “The best science fiction series on TV”…. USA Today
    touts it as “TV’s best space series”.. and Farscape was named in Newsday
    “The Year’s Best in TV”….

    The press has hailed Farscape as “The Best Sci-Fi on TV” by TV Guide, “TV’s
    Best Space Series” by USA Today, and “The Year’s Best in TV” by Newsday. A
    TV Guide cover proclaimed Farscape’s Claudia Black and Gigi Edgley as two of
    the “Sexiest Stars in the Universe,” and TV Guide Ultimate Cable called Ben
    Browder one of the “Sexiest Men in the Universe.”

    Farscape is one of the ONLY original series that sci-fi runs…that’s not
    been run on other channels previously (ex dead zone and sg1 and the outer
    limits all were run on other networks)

    In other words keep your mails and faxes and telegrams and phone messages
    professional and intelligent and they will listen..

    DO NOT send crackers, packages, doodads, toys or anything else

    David Kemper: Remember that furious people are “nuts.” Angry, but civil and
    controlled people are “fans.” Networks listen to “fans.”

    Remember we’re dealing with a corporation and they’ll blow you off if you
    send something they consider silly

    I have dealt with both USA and Sci-Fi before personally and have found them
    to be very hard to communicate make your points clear to them
    without being insulting

    Its VERY important that we inundate Sci-Fi and EMTV This coming Monday thru
    Friday. however we should not stop until we hear something positive from
    them. The “Big Push” is the most important Remember 09-09-2002 thru
    09-13-2002 are THE MOST IMPORTANT dates to flood SCI-FI and EMTV with our
    support and show them a united front. Keep bodies in the chat room at port 6667 #farscape The official Save Farscape Central Room
    (or the war room as I’ve been calling it) because sci-fi will be visiting
    and we need to show we’re a force to be reckoned with.

    Before I move onto the ideas, I’d like to thank all the scapers who are too
    numerous to name that helped put all the contact info together and also
    helped me with the server business and keeping the moral high in the room.
    Many thanks from the bottom of my heart guys and the cast and crew feel the
    same way. Every time they come into the chat room to say hi or just look in
    they are ALWAYS amazed at how we’ve pulled together and shown our support.
    Keep up the good work and NEVER SAY DIE!

    Now onto the ideas:

    1. Hand Written Mail, Faxes, Telegrams, Phone Calls, and Priority Mail (like
    FedEx and UPS) to SCI-FI and EMTV. The reason I suggest the FedEx and the
    ups is because it looks like something important and will go to the desk of
    Michael Jackson and Bonnie Hammer.
    DO NOT PUT SAVE FARSCAPE ON THE FRONT it will go right into the trash. Put a
    company name or something very professional looking.

    2. Rally your local area to do the same campaign with letters and hand
    written petitions from your area

    3. Print up Save Farscape flyers with the EMTV info and the SCI-FI info
    listing Michael Jackson and Bonnie Hammers names. Place them in your local
    bookstores, comic shops, coffee shops, game shops (especially if they have
    the Farscape game in stock) and place petitions in those shops as well if
    they’ll allow it. Most will not have a problem with you putting a flyer in
    their windows and getting a petition in their shops. There’s also usually a
    place to place multiple flyers for people to take home (in other words print
    up reams of paper its cheap and leave em there)

    4. Contact your local entertainment media. Newspapers and local broadcast
    can be helpful

    5. If you can travel to NYC or live in NYC picket sci-fi studios for the
    next week. (Monday thru Friday) Make Save Farscape Banners and try to get
    the word out about sci-fi canceling the show. Because sci-fi doesn’t want it
    leaked yet. They never intended to tell us until end of the 4th season. So
    its important to inform the public. The more people that know, the more
    likely they are to lose viewer ship and have the public come at them full

    6. Gather together, take contributions do whatever it takes to take out adds
    in magazines like Variety, E Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, local papers,
    online publications, sci-fi magazines everywhere you can get it in print.

    7. Target Sci-fi sponsors as well. Dell Computers is one of the more
    prominent sponsors for the show but sci-fi has many sponsors so target them
    all and email and bombard them as well

    8. Hit up the other networks that might be willing to buy Farscape and run
    it such as UPN TNT Showtime and other stations…use the same methods mail
    them and phone them and fax them and telegrams them with your interest in
    the show. Many of these networks have shown and interest in the show and the
    names and addresses of the proper people to contact are in the contacts.txt
    file attached to this email.

    All the contact info we’ve been able to gather is included as an attachment
    in this email so it didn’t get longer than it was.

    Post this email along with all the contact info on your web pages, bboards,
    groups and everywhere else you can to get the word out on what to do and how
    best to be heard.

    In closing I’d like to say

    For those of you who have expressed their thanks, none is necessary I do
    this and will continue to do this because I love you guys and the scaper
    community and all the friends I’ve made among the cast and crew of Farscape.

    All of you hold special places in the cast and crews hearts. Every time I
    talk to them they are constantly amazed by the amount of support that we
    show for them everyday. They do this show for you guys and your enjoyment
    and they’ve enjoyed doing it as much as we enjoy watching it. To all those
    that volunteered time and effort into finding out contact info and phone
    numbers I am eternally grateful without you we would not be able to get the
    ball rolling as fast as we’re doing. For those that have persevered thru
    flooding in the room and listening to me babble on and be a cheerleader for
    the movement I love ya guys! A special shout out to JustRed-dammit who
    helped a great deal with proofing reading and helping me to put everyones
    contact info together for this email. And special thanks to the cast and
    crew for popping in the room to keep our spirits high and keep the momentum
    going. And lastly Keep your butts in the #farscape room this next week. We
    need as many bodies as we can get cause sci-fi WILL take notice of their
    switchboards and faxes being tied up all the time as well as the bboard
    crashing from the posts we’ve been putting up and come looking. And remember
    post this email and the contact list to every bboard, group, website and
    anything else you can think of and forward it to your friends. NEVER SAY DIE

    Your Fearless Leader

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