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    I’ve been asked to checkout what you guys would think of having your own Sci Fi SadGeezer (or say babylon 5 or Red Dwarf or other sci fi show) credit card.

    Same sort of deal as with all the other Visa cards. What do you think.


    I dunno if there’d be any problems with intellectual infringement but I’d love my CC to have a picture of the LEXX across it with a logo.


    I am of two minds here….. On one hand I kind of like the idea of this venue being not as corporate as all the others. But on the other hand…..if I were to put myself in your place…..Yes – I would go ahead with a Sadgeezer card (if there is interest); it would be cool to have a card with one’s website on it. I don’t know about multiple cards with individual shows…..but the Sadgeezer one would be interesting.

    I also did not vote because I did not know if the first selection would mean that I just signed up for the Sadgeezer card…..hehehehehe 😈



    I also did not vote because I did not know if the first selection would mean that I just signed up for the Sadgeezer card…..hehehehehe 😈

    Haha 🙂 No, this is just a quite survey to see what sort of stuff Sci Fi SadGeezers would want on this site – like the eBAY idea.

    Peeps keep telling me that this site is really big and as a result should offer some other things besides the pics and reviews. I’m of two minds on this, but I must admit – I’d love to flash a Sci Fi SadGeezer VISA card when I buy the third LotR DVD 🙂


    Again I don’t know how to vote. I am anti-credit. It’s a bigger scam than mandatory insurance and income tax put together.

    On the other hand, I would like to have a Sad debit or Buxx card.


    A nice Sadgeezer card with a big “I am not a Number! I am a FREE MAN!” quote would be fun and useful as well as ironic…. 😉


    I’ve never owned a credit card, but I’d be interested in an interest-free Lexx card (Cost of a giant planet-destroying bug: priceless. For everything else there’s 791). 😉

    Like other posters, I’m leery of the corporate usury rampant in society, but heck, if the people want it, let’em have it.


    Ok, so what would you guys like to see?

    There are lots of options for us to promote cult TV Sci Fi, but what (if anything) would you buy/support?

    I guess the standard options are merchandise such as T-shirts of your fave shows or maybe with catchy sci fi slogans (‘sadgeezers do it with fiction’ sort of thing 😉 ).

    The thing is, that coming up with some sort of promotional, merchandisable idea are important if we want to get the major players involved in the development of the site. My feeling is that is a bit of a fringe play, it’s probably the largest fan-sci-fi site in the world but it looks like its run by a few fans (which is true of course) and isn’t promoted in the way it deserves.

    If we can come up with some merchandisable ideas, we will attract a couple of major players (web-marketing companies etc.) who will promote the site and generate more visitors (to buy their stuff).

    Attracting more sci fi sadgeezers can only be a good thing I think.

    So what would YOU want to see?


    i like either straight sg cards or scifi with sg logos…i carry my keychains around, and people do ask about it…having learned my lesson with credit cards several years ago, i now only carry one for travel (sometimes you have to have a real credit card to guarantee rooms and so forth) although by and large i get by with cash/debit cards…at any rate, merchandising and word of mouth/net is key so i am all for it 😀

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