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    I’m on the look out for a book that lists Science Fiction based Space Ships.

    I’ve tried some searchs on yet still can’t find anything.

    Any of you folks have a suggestion of a title I should look at?




    Have you tried this site? Jeff Russel’s Star Ship dimensions theBrother swears by it. Or at it.

    Anyhow they have tons of info on the ships and links to more.

    As far as a Jane’s book of space ships…. I haven’t heard of one, but I will ask theBrother when he gets home this evening. I would call him now, but he just popped over to borrow our compressor for a flat tire, so he is way not in a good mood this morning. 😕

    If this site isn’t working for you, what other info are you looking for? Or do you just want it all in one book/site?

    Would that be possible? Real ships and planes are public domain. This stuff would all be copyrighted, and finding and securing all the permissions would take forever I imagine. Goverments not being in the habit of sueing people for major bucks like your enterainment industry is.


    That sure looks like the master list to me..

    Back in the 80’s I know there was an Alien book that had pictures and all kinds of info in it. Thought there would be the same thing when it comes to Sci-Fi ships.

    Thanks as always.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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