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    What is your SciFi Holy Grail ? My friend who got me into this stuff is looking for a proper DVD copy of an original  British TV film  from the early 1980s called Max Headroom : 20 minutes into the Future. He has been hunting for this for years but thinks it probably does not exist. He has a VHS tape recorded from the TV that he got from somebody else and it is his most treasured possession. This tape is old and was recorded before either of us was even born!

    He says other versions exist but they are not the same as the original he has.

    As yet I have nothing I am so inspired or obsessive about. So just wondered about other people on here?




     You can see a really crappy copy in 6 parts on youtube.


    Lots of peeps have asked for a dvd (or included on the series box set as an extra) but since it was made befre the series, by a different channel (UK Channel 4) – in a different country, getting the rights sorted out was always going to be difficult.

    Worse still, the tv film was made in the 80’s when those new-fangled video camera’s were beginning to be used.  unfortunately, the quality suffered a lot especially when you compare it to film recorded tv shows of say the seventies.  The technology needed to restore such a show would probably put people off  producing a dvd and this is what may be holding up the release.

    Lots and lotsof people are asking for it though (googled it for some info) so eventually, Channel 4 (or whoever owns the rights at the moment) may decide to do something.  All you can do in the meantime is look for a torrent of it somewhere.


     Thanks Sadgeezer I knew you would know what I was talking about !


    Wierdly, I was looking this up just yesterday.

    The American Max Headroom Tv show, that was based on ’20 minutes into the Future’ was released on DVD by Shout! Factory on August 10, 2010. It sadly does not contain the original 20 Minutes Into the Future film. No doubt due to the tangled rights Saddy was referring to.  However the original high def tapes have been lost, so it is only a standard def dvd.




     I think you would enjoy the original film thefrey. I have watched it (complete with breaks for adverts) and it is pretty hilarious. Subliminal TV messages causing viewers to explode and suchlike. Lots of clunky 80’s computer hardware. 

    What was the TV series about?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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