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    James Doohan died folks.

    Though he already retired from public life- now we’ll really never hear, “Capt, the engines canna take much mor’n this!”

    Sad day for what’s left of Trek…


    “Beam me up Scottie!”


    It’s worse than that! He’s dead, Jim! 🙁


    Sick. A good one, but sick none the less. 😀

    Did you see where a Houston company is going to send a few grams of his ashes up into space. Apparently this was a wish of his. The article says that Gene Rodenberry also did this.


    I was on the BBC website yesterday reading all the tributes to James Doohan and most were really touching. I had no idea how many engineers this guy actually inspired. Anyway, upon hearing the news of his death, you just knew all the lame one-liners were coming…

    “I guess he didn’t have any more power to give.”
    “You really can’nae change the laws of physics.”
    “Looks like God beamed you up.”


    What an amazing life he led, and what a wonderful character.

    Thanks, Mr. Doohan!!!


    Nice tribute on Clicky.


    There was a kinda tribute in the Metro newspaper (the one we Brits get for free while waiting for the train), it has a sign reading “NASA mission delayes” and somebody with a newspaper reading “star trek engineer dies” and they say “well there goes plan B”

    But of course I was saddened at the death of James Doohn


    James Doohan will have lots of company…but he will be back.

    “Doohan’s remains will be packed into a tube that is ejected from the rocket and expected to orbit Earth for 50 to 200 years.

    Chafer said the remains of 200 other people from as far afield as Russia, Japan and Australia would also be on the flight.

    “They literally come from all walks of life — from rocket scientists to restaurant owners and truck drivers. They were mostly people who were interested in space or anyone who just liked to walk out and look up at the stars at night,” said Chafer. ”

    “Previous “memorial flights” have carried the remains of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and 1960s counter-culture guru Timothy Leary. “

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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