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    So I got back from holiday, unpacked the cases, and rewound the tape I had in to record SG-1 and sit down and watch.

    Now I’m willing to accept, that you occasionally need the death of an important character or race in a Sci-Fi series, to keep things interesting; but can they at least go out with a bit of dignity; for example, Shepherd Book’s death has significance to it, but the destruction of the Asgard seemed more along the lines of “Well here’s the cool Deus Ex Machina stuff, we’ll just go and blow ourselves up now”.

    And for what did they blow themselves up, huh? So that we could see Mitchell jogging a lot, and getting cabin fever? to see Daniel and Vala finally get it on? To see Teal’c go a bit grey? To see Carter learn the Cello, the Cello for crying out loud!? In the words of Stewie Griffin “What the Hell man!”


    Well I watched the season 10 DVD commentary on the final episode hoping to find the readon for the Asgard “suicide”.
    The reason they gave was “To add more drama” to the episode.

    We all know the Asgard have been on the ropes geneticlly speaking for some time. I agree that the “Oh well, our last genetic experiment failed, let’s all commit suicide,” bit was a bit lame, and un Asgard like.

    Nick -Z.

    According to one of the directors, i forget which one, when they
    produced the final episode of season 10, they didn’t know if they would
    be doing a season 11 or not, so it’s a safe bet that the Asgard’s
    demise was included to give them all that extra cool technology to
    exploit in future episodes.

    Since season 11 didn’t happen, then
    this all appears pointless, however, it may have a huge effect upon
    Stargate: Atlantis (which I haven’t been following).


    Nick -Z.

    According to the extras on the season 10 dvds, one director admitted
    that they were actually planning on continuing the series to season 11
    and it was assumed that they would put much of that Asgard tech to use,
    but season 11 never happened.


    I have to agree. The mass-suicide is probably one of the single most lame plot devices I’ve seen in a long, long time. With all of their advanced technology, you would have thought that they would, at the very least, figure out some way to transfer their consciousness into a temporary state while they continue their genetics work. Even if it took centuries, I don’t see any race giving up on survival so easily…

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