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    you obviously care enough about Lexx to create your own ‘tribute’ elsewhere.

    Its a fine page by the way, and I think we agree, Lexx is usually a damn fine show. I’m also very confused – about two things. Firstly, whilst the show is often characterised by amazing highs and lows, I feel I’ve been watching it flatline lately. Lexx has always divided fans of course – usually the one and same fan! It is often possible to watch episodes, and find yourself arguing with yourself. We can find ourselves questioning why we put ourselves through ‘that’, but the following week we find ourselves anxious for the next serving and often delighted by the result.

    Secondly, the thing that is interesting about the most recent season, however, is that our ‘private’ argument has spilled out into the ‘public’ realm (bearing in mind I am wary of such a distinction to begin with). We are arguing amongst ourselves – people we would normally want to agree with and would not want to hurt or offend. We are not the first to bemoan the apparent lack of ‘quality’ during the current season though. This has been ‘taken’ as a ‘given’ elsewhere (I’ve just noticed that there is a thread here back down the line of someone reporting about a consensus emerging in groups concerning the current season – and the person reporting this ‘fact’ was quite surprised, and encourages responses to ‘it’).

    My response coincides with your own regarding ‘editing’ . Lack of quality control by virtue of too many episodes or an uncertainty in tone. I also suspect that the producers have responded to a critisism of season 3 – where it is commonly held to be ‘too serious’ . So, in response to this perceived quality and/or lack of (humour/playfulness), they (presumably)went the other way for the first half of season 4 . And these same people appear to be complaining about it not taking itself (and/or the audience) too seriously anymore! Note, however , that any response to its perceived qualities – including Salter Street’s response to temper it with a perceived imbalance – has its basis in the thing being responded to – namely, Lexx. We are talking about the show’s properties not (just) about our our sensibilities. Or if you prefer , a ‘given’ response ‘taken’ from it. Ours. And the scales have tipped the other way in some quarters. You and I both know that we are going to continue to watch Lexx, and shall ignore the call to not watch it, despite ongoing reservations. This forum, however, appears to be more accepting than most (god bless its soul) – the only thing it doesn’t seem to want to accept is critisism of OUR show. Its almost as if its their’s alone. but to quote you on your site

    Feedback is like protoblood, it keeps me going!

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    Why did you start a thread with the exact same name as another thread? Why couldn’t you just post in that thread? Are you deliberately trying to diffuse and dilute arguements?

    I’m copying and pasting your message to the original thread. Moderators, please lock this thread. Thanxx.

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