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    David Winning (a director of some of the better episodes) sent me this.
    I love the way this guy promotes himself – good for him!

    Press Release: April 29, 2003

    Award-Winning Feature and Sci-Fi Director David Winning (41) returns after a season absence to begin filming April 30 on the Tribune series ANDROMEDA starring Kevin Sorbo for it’s Fourth Season. The episode entitled “DOUBLE OR NOTHINGNESS” was written by John Whelpley (“HARPER 2.0”, EARTH : FINAL CONFLICT). Winning has previously directed five episodes of the hit series including “PEARLS THAT WERE HIS EYES” starring John de Lancie. Last year the director won three GOLD MEDALS at the Houston Film Festival for directing multiple episodes of ANDROMEDA and EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT.

    2002 DGC National Award recipient Winning recently directed the Mary Higgins Clark movie “HE SEES YOU WHEN YOU’RE SLEEPING” as his 9th feature from an adapted screenplay by Carl Binder. Produced as an interprovincial coproduction by Canada’s Edge Entertainment and Waterfront Pictures for PAX TV and CanWest Global (with an array of international presales), the Suspense Theatre anthology features $2.8-million adaptations of selected Higgins works.

    Or E-mail [email protected]

    2003 Director’s Reel:

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