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    Whedon Talks Buffy Renewal

    Is UPN’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer returning next year or not? Depends on who’s talking and what day it is. Most recently, creator Joss Whedon told E! Online’s Watch with Wanda that things are still up in the air, but he sounded more optimistic than in other recent reports.

    “At some point, in the next couple of months, people will make their decisions,” Whedon told the site. “They will tell me what they are, I will make some of my own and everything will get all announce-y. But as of now, I haven’t heard anything definite.”

    Whedon added, “I think the chances for an eighth season are good. Whether or not they will include [star] Sarah [Michelle Gellar], I don’t know, but I suspect there may be some kind of incarnation of the show, even if she decides to pull back or even pull out altogether. Right now, I’m looking at every possibility humanly possible, but it doesn’t really affect where we’re going this year.” Gellar’s contract expires at the end of the current seventh season.

    An anonymous source told Wanda that “the buzz around set is it’s 90 percent sure Sarah will not sign on, that she feels it’s time to focus on other things, like her film career. If she does sign on for another year, it will probably be for part of the season, not the full 22 episodes. They’re sort of preparing for that.”

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