Season 8: where is the sex?

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    Not that SG-1 has ever been heavily into the gratuitous, but why oh why hasn’t O’Neill given Carter the ride of her life yet???

    Or have I missed anything??? I mean I know how much they love to tease us with the sexual/emotional tension, but really there hasn’t been much passion since Daniel kissed Charee in the Gate room on Abydos.

    (besides Vala kicking the crap out of Daniel and alternately kissing him -which was pretty hot)

    Anyone??? Any ideas???


    I thought it was Shau’rai (or somthing similar) and whats the vala thing? (I must have missed a few eppisodes)


    haha, i agree, they so need to get together, ><
    i’m with Kai, whats vala?


    Vala is Claudia Black’s character. Think that’s how you spell her name…she kicked the crap out of Daniel when she stole the Prometheus….but she was also very attracted to him.
    Not much happened with that, in the few other Season 8 episodes I’ve seen so far – she’s basicilly the annoying thief character so far.
    But I like her!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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