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    How do you all like season 8 (if it’s going on where you are)? So far, I think it’s mediocre. The only truly good episodes I’ve seen this season are the 2hour premiere, Avatar, and Covenant. Judging from how good Covenant was and the next episode and the later episode guest starring Claudia Black, things will be getting better.


    Season 8 just started in the early spring in Canada on Space Channel.
    Episode #164 out of 174 Stargate episodes.

    Last seen episode was “Endgame”, the disappearance of the stargate with the Trust and the NID to blame. It was decent with new and good ideas but it didn’t seem to be gripping and the situation just suddenly turned around. The trust still has the alien ship and some symbiote nerve gas.

    Death by nerve gas is more eerie than gripping. Everybody just keels over, scores of bodies just fallen over where they were standing.
    Tragic moment as Teal’c’s friend M’zel died. Pity about Zarin also.

    The next one “Gemini” looks pretty exciting. Two Carters are better than one! 🙂
    And seems some real excitment and tension..



    Tech: “I mean one minute we’re getting coffee and the next…”
    Daniel: “Wait wait. Coffee? You got coffee?!”
    Techs: “…”
    Daniel: “Kidding. Just kidding. Sorry guys.”

    O’Neill: “Usually they ask nicely before they ignore us and do whatever they damn well please.”

    Rank was 21 out of 181 episodes? Not sure what that means or how it was determined.
    I would rate it about average for stargate.

    Mostly american voters because not aired in other countries at time of poll.

    This episode is not very popular amongst Stargate SG-1 fans. It is currently ranked within the worst ten episodes broadcast.
    Average: 8.96 ± 1.24
    Rank: 21st of
    Scores: 72 (0 excluded)
    Median: 9.0
    Mode: 10.0
    Last Vote: 10-Apr-05 08:41


    I actually think Jack made a good call in Engame. Saving the Stargate was paramount, so he had to maximize that possibility. It was wroth even letting the Trust do their thing.
    But the question remains… does Jack have what it takes to be a commander or does he best make a field operative?


    “I was a bit thrown by O’Neill’s inability to make a decision he was sure was the right one, but by the end of the episode I got where this was going. O’Neill is still not comfortable with calling the shots, and I think it’s really because there was no time to bring Hammond up to speed and even turning to that would mean that O’Neill isn’t cut out for it. Worse yet, he’s not cut out for it just yet, and knows that virtually anyone else coming in would have ordered the Prometheus to destroy the Al’kesh when they had the moment, killing SG-1, and obliterating the Stargate. Or worse, let the Trust do what they wanted to do. So far there have been only rare chances to see Jack really in charge, and he doesn’t have the presence that Hammond had in this role. He was right, he can’t be The Man, not as he is. That in itself will hopefully lead to some great O’Neill episodes. Cut the guy a break though and put him through the Gate again. Just for a while. I think he’s getting cabin fever stuck on Earth all the time”


    jack needs to retire so he and Sam can finally get it on!


    jack needs to retire so he and Sam can finally get it on!

    Hey! Jack’s not the kind of guy that want’s to be put out to pasture!!
    He’s an alien butt-kicker. You can’t take that away from him.

    A vacation now and then with Amanda might do that sardonic attitude some good.

    I think he gets two Carters in the next episode, one of them firing a machine gun in command HQ.


    kokopelli wrote:

    Hey! Jack’s not the kind of guy that want’s to be put out to pasture!!

    Not put out to pasture….more like corraled! 😈

    A little Broca Divide action back in their lives…. 😈


    Script from Broca Divide.
    (It’s about time you saw a doctor, Doctor)

    (Yeah it’s not bad. Why can’t they build on that experience?)

    O’NEILL: (Startled) CARTER! Uh… (pulls his shirt on) sorry, didn’t know you were in here.

    To his surprise, she pulls him to her, grabbing his head and kissing him passionately.

    O’NEILL: (muffled) Mmph! Hey! (pulls back) What the hell’s going on?

    CARTER: I want you. (kisses him again)

    O’NEILL: (muffled) Why? I mean, no! (pulls her off of him) CARTER, this is a little out of line, don’t you think?

    She grabs him by the shoulders and shoves him down on the bench, straddling him.

    CARTER: You want me?

    She leans down and kisses him a third time.

    O’NEILL: (muffled) No, no – (she pulls back for a second) not like this, not like – (she kisses him, and he shoves her off) CARTER! What’s gotten into you?

    She leans down and kisses him again, but he gets the upper hand, grabbing her shoulders and rolling off the bench, pinning her to the ground.

    O’NEILL: It’s about time you saw a doctor, Doctor.

    He hauls her up and out of the shot. The infirmary. CARTER kicks and struggles ineffectively as a medic secures a wrist strap. The camera pans up to show that she is strapped down to a cot, with Dr. FRAISER securing her ankles.


    Loved this week’s Replicarter!!

    I think Jack’s fantasies must have been working overtime. Too bad the Replicarter is not so nice.

    Well she is nicely evil!

    Nick -Z.

    But the question remains… does Jack have what it takes to be a commander or does he best make a field operative?

    He’s got what it takes, he’s just not all that big on advertising it. But his reluctance does have to do with the fact that he never really expected to take over Hammond’s job. It’s the big decisions he hates to make, too much pressure. He’d rather be fishing or hunting down Gua’old.

    I lost the sci-fi channel and cable some time ago, but I just took a poor man’s vacation and purchased Season 7 and 8 on DVD (it was buy one, get the other free deal). Not a bad deal, $60 for both seasons, how could I turn it down?

    I’m working on Season 8 now and so far it looks okay. Tealk just kicked some local bullies butts and the multimillionaire just lost everything after exposing the story to the public.

    It was way cool the way Thor hung out with O’Neill in his office and they worked out a way to foil the guy, and Carter was cool for admitting how much she hated discreditting him and convinced O’Neill to take him into their confidence.

    I kind of skipped through most of these posts after i realized I don’t want to spoil it.

    Hmmm, I was in the Air Force for a brief tour and I never made it to the front. But the way the Pentagon and the MIC works, I doubt much that the Air Force top-brass, in any operation, is this close to humanity. I’m sure there are exceptions, but they usually get forced into retirement and fall into the ranks of general oversight. IMO, Stargate makes a great fictional recruting-tool for the military and the USAF, which doesn’t exactly thrill me, under present circumstances.

    Great sci-fi, but don’t forget to put empasis on the fiction.

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