Shanks Returns To SG1

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    The SCI FI Channel confirmed that Michael Shanks will return as a regular cast member of Stargate SG-1 – yep! He’ll be playing that irritating sanctimonious Dr. Daniel Jackson.

    Shanks made a guest appearance a couple of episodes ago and has confirmed with scifi.wire that he will also return in the season finale.

    However, Sci FI has only announced that Shanks and Anderson are returning?!?! Does that mean that there will be a problem with some of the others?

    The remaining episodes of season 6 will resume in January 2003.

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    Oh ye of little faith! =)

    They are all returning.

    The SCI FI Channel confirmed that Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge and Don S. Davis will return as regular cast members of the channel’s original series Stargate SG-1 in the show’s upcoming seventh season. Corin Nemec also returns in the recurring role of Jonas Quinn. Tapping reprises the role of Maj. Samantha Carter, Judge plays Teal’c and Davis returns as Gen. George Hammond.

    Earlier, the SCI FI Channel confirmed that Michael Shanks was coming back as a regular cast member, playing Dr. Daniel Jackson and joining series star Richard Dean Anderson as Col. Jack O’Neill. The network earlier this month announced that it had renewed the show for a full 22-episode new season.


    YES 22 more episodes

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