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    OK, really I just thought of you guys because the latest Generic Stress Girl comic has HAL, no, PAL in it. I meant to say PAL!

    I don’t think it technically counts as shilling since I would have shown you the comic anyway, but it seems impolite not to mention that I am putting up something from a site of mine.

    Plus I made up a cropcircle font for it that I’m rather proud of. I finally got rid of those useless letters C, Q and X, and the numbers are a bit like Predator’s.

    Generic Stress Girl’s premise:

    Gen lives in a totalitarian state called Varronia. Varronia is always at war with Menippea. She works in a corporate dystopia named Gehenna Tech– a company which is trying to trigger the Apocalypse but failing because they are so mired in micromanagement.

    She is the center of the universe, but doesn’t know that. As far as she knows her whole purpose in life is to hop from one ridiculous corporate or governmental policy to another with a smile on her face.

    Her invisible boss’s office is Room 101, Rovers patrol the halls, the Human Resources director is telepathic, the board of directors are a herd of dinosaurs (literally), and, well, there’s a lot of Brave New World, 1984, The Prisoner, Brazil, B5, … you know how this goes.

    Anyway, I hope you get a giggle from it. The comic book will be a little different from the strip, but just as badly drawn. You can read 14 of the strips from the beginning here.



    Pet, we are not getting cynical are we? 😆 Pretty cute, good to see you have not been moping over the end of Lexx, but instead kept yourself busy.

    I have been meaning to ask you, how is your pillow book doing?


    Heh heh heh… I was already cynical about such things. But it helps to move to a department with a sense of humor.

    Funny you should ask… quite accidentally I teamed up with a place called Lynnees (Prolly not safe for work). She is writing an intro and I’m retooling the brand names to fit in with her business better. I’m moving to for printing because their print to order rates are cheaper and they have isbn/ global distribution options/ Amazon placement.

    (Also full color should you ever want it…. had you found lulu yet?)

    She’s moving to a new domain as well , but we expect to have the second edition out in time for her holiday parties. I was hoping for Halloween but it was not to be….

    How have you been?


    Yeah, I have heard some good things about them, but not enough of a price break (yet) to make me retool what I already have. For instance it is only a $5.71 difference on book one. Considerable if you are going for mass market, but a pain to redo all the formating, proofing, cover design, sample copy purchase, re-proofing ect…
    I have the first two Lexx books done with the 5 x 8 format, and the third one nearly complete. However, possbily something I might consider if I Valdron ever decides to let the books go to wider distribution.

    Lynnees? where are they based? Price list seems stateside, but internic seems to indicate Aussie-land?


    Lynnees main office is in Montana- in a complex which also has a church in the basement *snicker*.

    The main reason I’m moving to lulu is for the bulk rate and the global distro. I had ISBN numbers but I can’t use them there and also use their GD service. I am probably just going to slap them on CP comic books and use Lulu for graphic novels.

    But reformatting is not something I’d wish on anybody. What a mess. My Word doesn’t allow me to redo my header info for page numbers so I had to cut out each section and paste them in a new file…ugh.

    The global package is only available on 6×9 and one other size, I think, so you have to pick that from the beginning if you ever think you will upgrade.

    The square book looks like it might be a fun change for some things, too. I was thinking of scanning my GrandDad’s 1939 scrapbook into that format for family gifts.

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