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    I was preparing the review for Shindig last night and I noticed something out of place in the episode. Simon was out in plain site of Badger and his muscle in the ship. In Trash, Simon and River had to avoid Yolanda/Saffron for fear that she’d report them to the feds. But in Shindig the two of them were pretty visible to the completely untrustworthy Badger. Simon even went so far as to question Badger.

    Anyone else find this strange?


    Well I have to admit that I didn’t notice, though I can see your point.
    I’d put it down to the fact that Saffron is 1000 times more deadly since she has no allegiances, no honour and no conscience.

    Badger is running a dodgy deals network and selling out your business partners (on a large scale) may be bad for business in general.


    Badger doesn’t seem the type to want to draw Alliance attention to himself, even if a lot of money was involved. Saffron, however, tried to kill half the crew the first time she came onboard, and that was just for a share of the profit from selling Serenity.


    I would agree that Badger doesn’t want unnecessary Alliance attention, but I still wouldn’t trust him. He’s backed out on a deal before (Pilot) and held Jayne and Mal at gunpoint just to offer them a job. There might be honour amongst thieves, but some thieves have more honour then others. Mal wouldn’t sell out his business partners (just on principle that they would continue screwing over the Alliance if he didn’t rat them out), but Badger seems like he just might if pressed.

    Personally I could see Badger using a proxy or intermediary to sell out the Serenity. Just like how he used them as an intermediary in Shindig.


    Further thoughts.
    1. I think at base he’s afraid of captain Mal
    2. He’s English, it just wouldn’t be cricket! 😯


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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