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    After 5 series (and the few of 6 I have seen so far) I am wondering how many types of ships there are (specifically goa’uld), here is my understanding:

    1) Small Ha’tak, Large, palacial space ship like Ra’s ship, can carry death gliders and serve as a planetary base but has limited speed and can not reach Earth (unless they upgraded it or somthing)

    2) Larger Ha’tak/Mothership. Similar to normal Ha’tak except it has a large support structure aroud it (Maybe engines, shields, weapons etc). Not as palacial as its smaller varient but is faster and has larger fighter bays (as well as cargo bays)

    3) Super Duper Mega Ha’tak. I’ve only seen one of these (Apophis/Sokar). Gigantic capital ship with a Main gun which has the ability to destroy a Mothership with one shot (even with shields up)
    I don’t know any other details and as far as I know, there was only ever one. And it had a cloaking device, strange

    4) Death glider. Small, fast, armed, no shileds, no hyperdrive, sound like Tie fighter?

    5) Bomber. Small, medium range attack ship. Used for planetery bombardment and harrasing capital ships (and capturing SG-1)

    6) cargo ship. larger than death glider, no weapons, can reach earth and, other than the mega ship, it has the unique ability to cloak

    7) Old Ha’tak. The ship that Sarah/Osiris escaped in. Like small Ha’tak but has a strange curved structure on underside

    Can anyone offer any comments on this (by the way, do the Asguard have many O’neil class battleships?)


    There seem very few ships in the Stargate saga. It’s a shame really. Babylon 5 always seemed to have a new ship from one or more races (almost each episode!) but not so on Stargate.

    They should note that for a couple of years the most popular page on the site was the Babylon 5 ships page!

    And Asguard ships Kick Ass! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Maybe a Stargate ships section would be a good addition?


    I only just started watching SG1 recently (season4.5). Actually I quit watching television about 4 years ago and happened upon SG1 while channel surfing at the in-laws. Where are the battle cruisers? How about some skirmishers? I was hoping to see some Earth tech upgrades by now. I think a company of Delta commandos should invade a snakeylick mothership and take the bloody thing over. Anyway, those are my thoughts.


    Are you talking about upgrades that earth can use? coz there are a couple of them, you have the death glider based craft seen in redemption 1 and 2 – the x-302.
    And then of course, you have Prometheus.
    I like how they don’t make it too easy – I mean, they could quite easily just say hey, they can steal this technology, use it, and all is good. However, it’s not like that. They make it difficult to integrate the alien technology with our own. It makes things, not only more interesting, but as realistic as a show like this can get.



    I was hoping to see some Earth tech upgrades by now. I think a company of Delta commandos should invade a snakeylick mothership and take the bloody thing over

    Actually there have been 2 motherships taken over by SG1 that I can remember. The first got incinerated in a planets atmosphere and the other got sent down to Davy Jones locker, they just don’t have any luck with new tyos do they?


    I agree with the idea of more variety in the ships, but I also think that it can be dismissed with the “you go with what works” philosophy, the Goa’uld and Asgard ships have served them fine for years, why change?


    But it would be perfectly reasonable to assume that the competing system lords were always working to improve their fleets to provide them with an upper hand over their competitors, kind of like an arms race.


    Yeah but what about the Replicator Ships??
    and the Asgard did create the O’Neil…even though Samantha had them destroy it to take out the Reps.

    The Rep ships are some of the nastier looking, but I like the System Lords motherships, since there is no need for aerodynamic design in space…why not funky pyramids???

    Plus I’m just a sucker for all things Eygptian.


    What actually powers the BC-303 sublight drive? some sort of fusion power?

    And another thing, when the Prometheus encounters a strange alien ship, they chuck a few missles at it. What happened to the asgard designed weapons that thor kindly gave them?

    <<ammendment, changed the mis-spelt cuck to chuck>>


    good point kai, it is kind of ridiculous:
    “Sir we’ve got motherships coming at us from all angles!”
    “Ok hit’em with everything we’ve got.”
    “Including those really fancy high energy weapons the Asgard gave us sir?”
    “No, forget those, just fire a couple of stingers at them!”

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