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    Sorry it was down for so long. Someone (probably the ISP) has been tinkering with the database tables and screwed them up).

    Had to re-build the database to make sure that posts hadn’t been lost.

    Still working on the new website, but it’s taking a long time (having to move 50,000 webpages/message posts to a different content management system and server is a long process).

    mandara k

    Did you get slimed, I mean hcked badly Sadly Sadman? What’s the scoop?


    We had a major bust up with those idiots at BGFWeb and they deleted the old site without warning.

    Worse still, all the backups were corrupted after a disk crash and the latest we managed was from September 2007.

    Terrible hassles but we are still here – ….. just.

    As we re-build the site we’re aiming to make it faster and to havebetter features. Unfortunately that is a very long job for people who do this stuff part time.

    Users and forum posts are now set up, although we’ll be adding more fucntionality to SadBAORD in the next few days. You can log in or register without fear of being deleted 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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