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    I thought it was ok. I’m a bit worried that the whole first season may be about these guyts finding out about their powers and not develop too much of a story.

    We reported on SadCAST though, that the writers are going to develop an arc around a serial killer (them stopping one). So maybe that will be ok.

    If I had one critisism, it would be that the show as a little slow moving.

    What did you think?


    I liked that it didn’t just have the standard super hero/x-men gifts…the dopple-ganger of the stripper chick is interesting and the two japanese guys are very funny! (also the fact that the chick that wants to kill herself …can’t!)

    Some of the continuation was a little confusing for me with the super healing chick (i could just not get it); first, her ribs didn’t heal because they were sticking out of her body (and unlike x-men, she didn’t notice/felt no pain) so she stuffs them back in and she did stuff her shoulder back into place. But then she chops off her fingers in the garborator and doesn’t put them back into place and they heal no problem even though they weren’t covered by her skin or put back into place?

    Also – the science lecture of the cute prof bugged me; he was talking about the fact that cockroaches can live for weeks without their head (it’s actually up to one week supposedly), and that humans only use 10% of their brain…a long known untrue old scientists tale (we pretty much use it all). I just figure in the premiere a little more care could be taken in continuity and facts.

    But i’ll be watching tonight – it was exciting and interesting to watch!


    hmmm…looks like only me and Saddy watched it, lol!

    The second ep was pretty interesting…the plot thickens with an “introduction” of a freaky serial killer (possibly two) !!!

    also interseting –

    has the eps online so you can watch ones you missed, or watch a two minute “review”
    ALSO VERY COOL = online “comic book” backstories for you to enjoy.



    Alas, I have not watched it (I don’t even know when it’s on 😳 ), but apparently In-Sink-Erator tunes in. They’ve decided to sue over the invincible character sticking her hand down the sink and mangling her fingers.

    From the First Look section of E! News:

    DOWN THE DRAIN: The company that makes In-Sink-Erator garbage disposals has filed suit against NBC, claiming the Heroes pilot, which features a girl placing her hand down the sink, flipping on the product and removing her mangled digits–only to have them quickly return to normal–“irreparably tarnished” their product by implying it could cause significant injury and also violated their trademark. Though they did admit it was pretty cool.

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