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    Oh dear, it seems that the producers of battlestar galactica are running out of money.

    Welcome to the new Battlestar Galactica, the futuristic soap opera !

    How else to explain that, after a very good first two seasons, and a great start to the third season, the show seems to be settling onto delving into the various character’s trivial personal lives! 🙄

    For the last few episodes, we might even get to redevelop the series once again, this time into “law and order in space” 😆

    Seriously, if this is the direction of BG for season four, then I hope it will be;

    a) the last
    b) no longer than 13 episodes

    And to think that things looked so promising initially… 😕


    I’ll be the first person to tell you, I don’t watch this show. The idea never appealed to me, I never liked the fabrication, and quite frankly, the lighting sucks(strange but true (IMHO). I’ve tried repeatedly to give it a go, but it just doesn’t do it for me.

    That being said, I flipped by the other night and watched toy space ships wiggle on invisible wires. I’m pretty sure that’s not what they really were, nor was that the intended impression, but that’s how it appeared to me. I seem to recall Headgehog mentioning the disparity in visual effects quality on one of the SadCAST’s, but I never imagined it would be that bad.

    THAT being said, and completely off topic I might add, even I’ve noticed the trend toward the cheesy soap opera drama. Don’t beat me soap opera lovers, I like ’em too! It’s just that there’s a difference between good and bad soap opera drama. The same type of spectacle being perpetrated by Galactica at this point, is the herald of the end for most soaps.

    My opinion doesn’t matter; if you like it, you do, for whatever reasons. I hope they can straighten themselves up for the fans sake. That’s supposedly the point of making these shows, right?


    Should one be thankful for small mercies? As it turned out, the penultimate episode for season three was not bad at all….much better than I was expecting at this stage. 😮

    Looks like the season send off is going to be pretty good after all! 😀

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