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    These are a few snippets of info that I picked up from SFX. {SadGeezer is soooo jealous that you guys are watching the show The Brits don’t get it for a while yet).


    Ben Browder has written an episode of the show. “[Producer] David Kemper made me do it out of revenge,” he said mysteriously, before admitting, “It’ll be rewriting it right up until we film it – even as we film it. The keyboard has been my only friend recently.”

    Claudia Black, meanwhile, is keeping very tight lipped about her involvement, following the death of her character Aeryn Sun at the end of season two. “All I can say is that Claudia Black will be returning, but I won’t say what as,” she told SFX archly.



    Poor Sad!I didn’t realize you all didn’t get Farscape when we do here in the States. Don’t feel too left out though. You all saw all of Season 3 Lexx before we did. The only thing that kept me going waiting for the new season fo Lexx was the spoiler eppy guides right here at SadGeezer.


    Hi folks,
    Just a quick question, if I may?

    When, oh when oh when oh when….will us Brits get to see the 3rd season of Farscape?
    I did hear a rumour they’d start in March, when the 2nd season was released on DVD, but that never happened, so is there someone out there who can put a very sad git out of his misery?
    Ta chuck! (doffs flat cap!)


    I gotta say, don’t feel too bad over in the UK. As of next Friday, we in the States start getting reruns again! They only showed about 5 new eps and bearing in mind we get it on the Sci Fi channel, there is no telling if the ones we did see were in sequence or not!

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