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    Another email:

    Hi!! I think your site is pretty cool, and I’ve been a huge fan of Aeon Flux since the first time I saw her. I have all the tapes – and have seen every episode & short probably 100 times or more….I also have the book, and when you see all of it together it starts to actually make some sense. When I was reading the reviews I saw some stuff that maybe I can explain a little better –

    In Tide
    – yeah its a bizarre one – the girl in red is stated in the book to be Aeon’s former roommate. And seeing as how Aeon seems quite Bi at times I’m thinking more than just a roommate. Unfortunately, the girl gets a thing for Trevor and the odd occurances between her and Aeon is her double-crossing Aeon but trying not to let her know.

    When Aeon smacks her gun up against the blond girl’s – she’s making sure that both guns are the same exact length – and this tells Aeon that the girl wasn’t really trying to get the tag for the key – because Aeon already found that it could be reached with her gun as long as it is. So at that point – she knows the girl isn’t trustworthy anymore.

    War –
    This one actually has a sadder ending than it looks like at first. The very last seen is focused on a big puddle of oil on the hallway floor of that floating ship – right in front of the door. A fall from that door to the ground from slipping on the oil would probably be deadly – and you can hear the 2 breen lover’s footsteps running towards that point in the hall – so as usual, the script is alluding to their imminent death.

    – yep its a play fight because the boy who is laughing is also clapping- so the “hitting” sound is his clap not the fight. at the end they really are fighting though.
    And i just realized the last time i watched this –
    the whole time Aeon is bombing the plant she’s trying to prevent what happened to Sybil at the end – that facility & the parts she’s destroying are the same exact parts that cut off Sybil’s legs at the end – and its ironic because Sybil basically told on Aeon for doing it.

    Last time for everything
    – you mentioned that trevor made a bunch of Aeon copies that are in his bed – thats actually not true – if you look at the girl’s their hair is all wrong and they aren’t totally built or look like her – the actuality is they are Trevor’s groupies – regular girls who he thought kinda looked like aeon and “dressed up” to look like her. The time frame between him getting the juice and making the first copy – who the next day is in his room isn’t long enough for him to have made them all.

    The other funny thing about that episode – Scafandra says at the beginning “its a shame about them shutting down D section – maybe a double agent?” seeing as how she’s pretty clearly the double agent – and when they go to take the juice from Scafandra – thats all an act to get Aeon to follow her to the plant. But of course – Aeon wants Trevor to copy her.

    And the last in my ramble….

    Aeon Flux (pilot)
    The senator on the bed isn’t dead yet – if he is he wasn’t assasinated. it seems more like he’s just a crappy leader and he’s drunk or something. The woman in the room – she’s also on the elevator with Trever getting her ear “probed” and later is with him & the baby – shes not an assasin, she’s Trevor’s girlfriend or wife and for some reason they are taking care of the senator. I honestly think its implied when trevor plays with the bug & stuff that he’s causing this “plague” so that he can cure it – and become the new leader. This seems to occur before the book – but all the other episodes are after.

    Actually in reference to the book – i saw at one point it said that Aeon blew up the Relica over breen territory – she actually didn’t complete any of the jobs Trevor gave her – she made the evidence look that way to him so that he would think that the BRM was destroyed – while in truth she protected it. He actually says this at the end of the book – after he “inseminates” her with little machines and sees that she’s got her own “little machine”.

    Hope this was helpful or at least entertaining 🙂


    Some excellent stuff!

    Anybody dissagree with her comments?


    I’m kinda new to scifi and these sites(Sadgeezer is sooo freakin’ cool) but got pulled in by the Tripping The Riff comercial I saw last weekend. I was looking around for TTR stuff when I saw Aeon Flux and thought it was so cool. I understand it has been around along time ( well so have I) but I never saw it. I’m thinking about buying the whole series as I hear it can be found on but also heard they are not in order. Gladly I found you who are well versed in AF and might give me a clue on the real order and maybe more of your insight about AF.


    I truly believe there are a ton of messages sent throughout every episode…sort of like philosophical ideas subliminally sent through the storyline, much like the Matrix. I know that sounds really obsessive but if you really watch the shows they are a lot deeper than you think, you just have to look…


    If you’re looking for the DVD, its not made by the manufacturer anymore, but you can get a DVD-R copy of it at this site for very cheap…

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