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    What are your picks for the coolest, the sexiest, the wackiest, and the wildest spaceships in sci-fi?

    Some of my choices…

    E.T. phone home: The TARDIS from Dr. Who has to be one of the best conceived (especially considering their limited TV budget). It’s a true spatial marvel. If you want to “reach out and touch someone”, then the Doctor’s time/space police call box is for you.

    Meals on wheels: The Bistromath from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books. Designed like an upturned Italian restaurant, it’s the perfect ship for those that want to eat and run.

    The soft-light holographic ship from Red Dwarf (the one Rimmer wanted to become crew of): delightful.

    The Heart of Gold from the Hitchhiker’s books: the most improbable ship in existence. Can change size as Zaphod learned on the Frogstar world… “Is that a rocket in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?” (NOT Zarniwoop).

    The Lexx: It’s a giant bug that blows up planets… Watch out for its patented Golden Shower. Kaboom!

    Koodos to the makers of Kin Dza Dza for the kyoolest pepelats this side of Karakum. Don’t forget your ketze.


    I say that the best space ship was the one in “Lost In Space”. Really “far out” ; and it had all the shiny metal and lights and gyroscopes and plexiglass of that era. The first show gave you a tour of the ship and the layout actually made sence.


    One word: Spaceballs =)

    Every ship in that movie was cool.


    Very interesting, the other ships I was considering adding were from Spaceballs and the flying saucer in Lost in Space. UFO was another…

    Love the ships in Spaceballs even though this one sucks… 😆 😉

    The Winnebago was cool… Have you seen Morons From Outer Space? It has a spaceship that’s slightly reminiscent interior wise of Lone Star’s ship: trailer


    I still think the original Enterprise is absolutely beautiful.


    The Enterprise is indeed a beauty — quite sexy with its sleek and simple lines, and its curvaceous saucer bridge.

    My choice for skankiest ship goes to the LuvLiner from LEXX.

    My ugliest ship award goes to the Vogon ships — which, if memory serves me right, look like congealed lumpy vomit.


    Luvliner was indeed vile. Another ship of great beauty (though it’s probably more of a station) was the one in Silent Running with the gardens.

    I was also fascinated by the ship in 2001 because I was doing nerves in Biology when I first saw it and was amazed to see people flying around in a nerve ganglion. The internal shots of the shuttle were wonderful too with the velchro floors and passengers seated on both the floor and the ceiling. Plus the wonderful floating pen. 😀


    Spathi Ships from Star Control and the trash collector from Space Quest 5 are cool ships.

    Then, of course, there is the Lexx. No more need be said about it.

    The coolest space ships in the history of sci-fi come from Robotech though. The human Veritechs, the Zentradi Battle-pods and the SDF-1 are the ultimate. There has never, and will never, be better.


    Coolest- Chiggy von Richtoven or a shadow battlecrab(nothing like that ominous feeling of one’s own death)

    Sexiest- moya definitely

    Wackiest- spaceball 1 or Red Dwarf considering it’s “crew”

    Wildest- I would have to go with lexx or maybe Red Dwarf again


    Hi Fellow Sci-Fi Fans,
    Mine would have to be:
    1) The ship that looked like a theatre for Kai & Xev to perform the musical episode, `Brigadoom’.
    2) The Lexx – A bug-like ship that ate planets & gave our living crew food.
    3) Gondola, from the show Lexx, that Prince & gang flew from Fire to Water, to the Lexx.
    4) The Enterprise – all of them, including the 1 that’s currently on; it kept changing throughout time & growing.
    5) The TARDIS – The Dr’s ship that he travelled around in; it looked bigger inside than the outside.
    6) The mothership from `V’ – They also had others ships within the mothership.

    Sci-Fi Fans Unite,
    Jhevz 😉


    My ship of choice would easily be the Valkyrie from Titan AE.

    Come on, how can anyone NOT love this sexy spaceship! It’s fast, maneuverable, can pack a punch. A perfect size for a cruiser type vessel, with curves in all the right places.

    But I’d also have to give a nod to the Excalibur from Crusade, the Lexx and few of the ships from 2001. I have a few others but their names escape me at the moment.


    original startrek ship was good



    flashback : that freaky *poinnnng* sound on the bridge of the enterprise.


    As far as more recent sci-fi goes, I am quite fond of that big, dumb Manhattan sized bug ship. I’ve also always loved the Moths. The Shadow ships in Babylon 5 were impressive to me.

    For old school sci-fi, I’d go with the Millennium Falcon and the original Enterprise. I had the opportunity to see the model used on the TV show in the National Air and Space Museum gift shop. It was like a trip to Mecca for a sci-fi geek such as myself.

    Here’s the Smithsonian’s page on it. 😀


    Spaceships…. Y’know I really like Lexx, as everyone who has anything to do with ships/boats they have a soul, a presence. I live in one – a big metal beasty 160 ft long… but I also have a little wooden one called Lyekka – Right back at the beginnings Jason’s ship Argo spoke to him and her keel was laid from some sacred Oak. Anyone into sailing will tell you wooden boats are best they are organic…. so The Lexx is part of a very old tradition.

    In terms of your standard hardware…I always thought the Klingon Birds of Prey were cooler than Enterprise but the Romulan ships from the later Star Treks have it for me. Best of all were the Lynchian creations in Dune that had a real alien technology feel and none of the usual hi-techy feel.

    Cheery bye

    n5 -kopele

    Well I’ve only seen Lexx, Farscape and Star Trek Enterpreis. I’d have to say Lexx is really the best idea for a ship. It’s moths too. Then comes Moya and Talen, but they’re pretty much the same as Lexx. Lyekka’s pod is also an original idea, which I like very much. I also liked the Celis Pleasure Transport on Lexx. None of the ships on Star Trek look beautiful or otiginal to me. The ships on Dune also catch my attention.



    Buck Rodgers – earth fighter

    Space 1999 – moon lander

    BSG – new old vipers mkII – new battlestar – old cylon fighters

    Last Starfighter – feature ship

    Star Wars – tie fighters

    Damnation alley – feature tri-wheeled suv (not space but still cool)

    Battle Beyond the Stars – feature ship

    Cowboy Bebop – the bebop

    Macross Plus – YF 19 – YF 21

    Fifth Element – Hover taxi (again not space but cool)

    Tron – lightcycles – tanks (hehe, cyber SPACE!)

    Aliens – drop ship

    All I can think of atm.


    1. TARDIS
    2. Jupiter II
    3. Starfury
    4. Battlecrab
    5. Vorlon Transport
    6. Discovery from 2001
    Gene Roddenberry and George Lucas miscreations need not apply.
    Nor engineering disasters such as the LEXX.



    My absolute shortlist, if I could only nominate 10, in chronological (more or less) order:

    original Enterprise
    Thunderbird 2 (well…it flies)
    2001 Discovery
    Space 1999 Eagle
    Millenium Falcon
    movie Klingon Battlecruiser
    movie Enterprise
    Y-Wing Fighter
    original Cylon Raider
    next generation Romulan Warbird

    There are many others, like:

    Dune’s movie Ornithopter
    Babylon 5 Starfury
    The Lexx
    Blade Runner Spinner
    Battle Beyond the Stars Nell (‘the lead ship’)
    original Battlestar Galactica colonial mover and mining ship
    Silent Running Garden Ships
    2010 Leonov
    2001 Moonlander, Space Station and Pods
    X-Wing fighter, Tie Fighter, Star Destroyer
    Buck Rogers Starfighter
    Message from Space Racers made a big impression, but I haven’t dug up that movie in 15 years…
    Event Horizon (movie sucked, ship’s cool)
    Red Dwarf

    well, that’s what I came up with. I’m sure I missed a lot.

    A few ships I dislike quite a bit, because they should have been cool, but weren’t:

    next generation Enterprise D
    later incarnations of Klingon Battlecruiser
    Empire Strikes Back Twin Pod Cloud Car


    The Lexx
    Or the enterprise, just for the holodecks XD


    I tend to go for the ugly / utilitarian look rather than sleek design work. Star Trek ships are too clean and contrived for me
    Earth Force destroyer – B5
    Nostromo – Alien
    X Wing and Y Wing fighters – Star Wars
    The original Battlestar Galactica
    Eagle – Space 1999
    Hammerhead – Space: Above and Beyond
    Event Horizon
    The drilling rig (streaching a point, I know) – The Abyss
    Sador’s ship – Battle Beyond the Stars
    I do like Nestor’s ship from the same film too plus ‘they’ have the coolest quote of the whole movie:
    Nestor “It takes 4 to run the ship”
    Cowboy “Why are there 5 of you?”
    Nestor “We always carry a spare.”

    I am sure I will think of more after I hit the ‘submit’ button


    Now in no specific order heres my list:

    Super Star Destroyer (Commanding presence)
    Viper MkII
    Shadow Battle Crab (Scary as hell)
    White Star from B5 (Beautifully made ship)


    I prefer the ugly, functional ships in sci-fi because, lets face it:


    Like the Promethious in stargate (though I like the NX-01 Enterprise, the design of the saucer and bridge remind me of the Motion Picture Enterprise)


    Moving off on a tangent…as a concept, the Ancient Egyptians solar boat – ‘The Boat Of Millions of Years’ – spring to mind (how could I forget!) I mean…4700 years ago these guys came up with as beautiful an idea as that …now that is sexy


    Great choices! How could I forget The Nostromo!
    Or for that matter, the awe inspiring sight of the alien spaceship in Alien.

    I prefer the ugly, functional ships in sci-fi because, lets face it:


    Like the Promethious in stargate….

    True, but like the Promethius, many ships are built to have the ability to take off and land in an atmosphere.

    Moving off on a tangent…as a concept, the Ancient Egyptians solar boat – ‘The Boat Of Millions of Years’ – spring to mind (how could I forget!) I mean…4700 years ago these guys came up with as beautiful an idea as that …now that is sexy.

    And Ra said, “Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me.” How I’d love to sail the skies in that solar boat.


    Some ships might need to be aerodynamic, if they intended to land on a planet with atmosphere. That’s one reason I would like to nominate the original Borg cube from STNG as a great ship. So mathematically pure, so unconcerned with aerodynamics! Because of this utilitarian non-planet oriented shape we know the Borg live in space, not on a particular planet.


    Hoo-kay, here’re my choices:

    10.Unicron: TFormers Movie (how can you *not* love a giant robotic planet that eats other planets?)

    9.Nebulon b frigate: Star Wars (I don’t quite know why, but this ship is just…the archetype of what I like my ships shaped like…perhapse mister Freud would’ve had something to say about that? 😳 )

    8.Miranda class: Star Trek (It’s all about the saucer section baby!)

    7.Warlock Battlecruiser: B5 (It just looks so much more purposeful/dynamic than the Omega)

    6.Sulaco: Aliens (pretty much the same as the Warlock…but with some “excitingly chunky” bits)

    5.PK Vigilant: Farscape (It looks like it could go pretty fast if it wanted to…)

    4.Shadow Battlecrab: B5 (’cause who dosn’t love ’em?)

    3.Britannia II: Lensman movie (gaah, just friggan cool man!! AND computer generated!)

    2.Zentraedi Thuverl Salan cruiser: Macross/Robotech (The most well balanced Zentraedi ship in the fleet…and it has that cool looking twin engine thing going for it too)

    1.Minbari Tinashi cruiser: B5 (It’s sleek, but not too sleek, it has cool looking protrusions, but not obnoxious looking/overly long/big ones, and it just…looks cool…)


    Millienium Falcon

    my first love, 😳 we turned my back yard into it so many times, with the top of the doghouse as the cockpit.

    And the rope swing was a gun turret….

    I can’t remember ever NOT being Han Solo for make-believe.

    Dirty, not pretty but a workhorse….gotta love the Falcon!

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