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    As you may have heard, there will be Global Rally’s held on October 5th, to protest the cancellation of Farscape. Recently, I have received word that there will be some special guests at the Atlanta Rally:

    From: savefarscapecentral

    “The Atlanta 5th of Farscape rally will culminate in an afterparty at The Chamber, a local alternative club which has been kind enough to open their doors to us and our cause. In the past, The Chamber’s Saturday night event, The Secret Room, has held FARSCAPE-themed events and they’re extremely supportive of our efforts. Normally 21 and over, for the evening of Saturday, Oct. 5th (and early morning of Oct. 6th), the club will be 18 and over. Alcohol will be served. The cast was consulted and have approved the choice of venue. We do appreciate that some fans may have concerns about this venue and direct them instead to the Friday (Oct. 4th) signing at Tower Records at 3232 Peachtree Rd. Lani, Gigi, and Paul will be available to autograph at both events. Specific questions about the Saturday night event should be directed to the Rally’s Coordinator”

    Additional info from Lisa Webster:

    “Farscape fans in Atlanta, Georgia are currently arranging a party which will be attended by Farscape actors Lani Tupu, Gigi Edgley, and Paul Goddard. As a show of support, fans are donating money for airfare from Australia to Atlanta. The actors will be signing autographs for fans at the party, and fans who donate will be rewarded for their loyalty on a tier structured basis. Send your donations in US dollars to [email protected]

    For more information please email [email protected] or [email protected]

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