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    I caught a bit of Return of The Jedi on somebody’s TV the other day. I am not very familiar with the films but the bit I saw was really dire Harrison Ford and some other people in the middle of a forest and they were suddenly surrounded by a lot of teddy bear aliens. I was like you must be joking . Is that really most people’s idea of good scifi ? Just wanted to put my opinion thanks.



    Helloooooo. Marketing. You don’t get to be a ga-zillionaire without a bit of marketing.

    And since the Star Wars franchise was really the start of the toy-book-games-printed bed sheets marketing as we know it today…..

    Sometimes it may take a cute fuzzy alien to make enough money to get the next picture made. 😀



     Yes no doubt you are right… friend (who is a mine of trivial scifi information) told me that in the original idea that was supposed to be chewbacca’s home planet  but the studio people didn’t like that idea so the teddy bears were substituted instead.. 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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