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    I have decided to post this review by itself so as to not sully the fine work of other Sadgeezers.


    I had seen Starhunter once before, and the five minutes was enough to pursue some other – more worthy – pursuit. However; the fact that we had just been through the biggest power disruption in North America and the fact most places were still closed, gave me the opportunity to see a complete episode of Starhunter.

    I will not bore you with the plot (there is none except that he is a bounty hunter who brings in bad guys for money); and there is no science fiction (just futuristic backdrops). The fashions and personal grooming are as if most of the actors were just there for the cameo appearance and not worth the hassle of changing that current world appearance. The only thing that kept me there was the parade of hot, sexy babes on set. While baldness is still not cured hundreds of years into the future – all the women are thin and sexy and dress like current day whores. Which got me thinking as to how this show could have been saved.

    In my honest opinion; this show could have been saved by not holding back on the sexuality and promoting it big time. Regular nudity (full frontal nudity, btw…..) of all women on the show would be the show’s biggest asset. The villain of this episode was a Goth with big boobies and a sexy-but-wicked face. In the episode she tells the bounty hunter and his female side kick (an athletic, arousing Latino) to get naked…..but nothing ever happens. Come on – parade those organs! 😈 Even the lady who runs the palace – a cut, petite girl – could have had reason to disrobe somewhere in the plot. I will be honest and tell you that I never got an erection watching this show – but the potential is there 8) .

    Perhaps the best exploitation of the show is to have the actresses act completely nude; and computer generate the clothing on them. Then – for a nominal fee – people could download the episode and remove selected clothing from these babes as they see fit. Or, conversely; we could see the costume at the beginning of each scene – but have the outfit fade away as action continues…..exposing complete nudity from the remainder of that segment. This could probably work for woman as they could view the actor’s penis flopping around in whatever state as they try to seriously deal with the mindless blather that is the plot…..

    This is my review of Starhunter. I will not watch anymore episodes as that would involve the loss of another hour of my life…..


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