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    Any other Starhunter fans out there?



    I’ve only watched the first episode so far, but from what I’ve seen, it’s actually rather good. If it continues in this vein then yes, you might consider me a Starhenter fan in progress. If you’d direct me to any good Starhunter fansites, I’d be deeply grateful.



    I’m sorry to say that I don’t know any fan sites; I’ve looked for some (using Yahoo) but I can’t find any.
    You said you saw the first ep? I saw that, too, but I saw it last Saturday!!
    I’ve seen most of the series, actually, but I started watching when the third episode was on. If you want a spoiler; Eccleston REALLY can’t sing. He’s awful at singing!
    The last two episodes, they’re really key, but the ending upset me and I actually cried when those two episodes were on, especially the last epsiode, because it was so sad. I’m still a bit angry at the ending, too, but if I say anything, it’ll give it away!!!



    I’m not normally a fan of shows that are mostly episodic, Starhunter being one of them, however, the sad fact is that when a show like it comes along and puts the focus on characters other than the main one on a regular basis, it’s a sign of a great show.

    Besides, Tanya Allen ain’t so shabby looking either….



    Finally found a site,
    Starhunter – Episode Guide [url=][/url]
    Also has Cast/Crew Guide
    It’s not a good site, though. [img]images/smiles/icon_confused.gif[/img]



    Seen Travis and Reserrection?
    Percy plays an important part.
    For future reference, if you see it, block your ears at the first part of Reserrection.
    That’s all I’m saying! [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]



    That’s the problem innit? I mean, the episodes ARE rather on the ‘not so bad, not so good’ side, but the actors are fantastic and the way they develop is simply marvelous (with the possible exception of Percy, though that’s no fault of Tanya Allen).
    However, as for the series’s continuation, I hope so, although the prospects do not seem so god. Here in Malaysia, the series just ended as well, and considering how long it takes for [i]anything[/i] sci-fi related to reach our shores (it took [i][b]FOUR BLOODY YEARS[/b][/i]) for Crusade’s pilot movie to get here)…
    God, I hope they continue.

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    What’s the status on this show? Are they still making it? I didn’t really see the episodes in order so I have no idea of the continuity but in the last episode I saw (major spoliers if you haven’t seen it yet) Dante finally finds his son and goes back in time to when the raiders first attacked. Does it continue from there?

    As far as the show goes its about the only one I still watch. The episodes are often pretty weak and the show could definitely use some more money but the characters are fantastic and that’s compensation enough for the shortcomings.



    NO I am sad to say they quit making it after 2 seasons which totally sucks here is a link to another Star hunter fan site it is a very good one. This is considered by many to be the unofficial back up board for when the official fan site goes down. the official site is Please come join in the fray on both. there is another fan message board also it is the more sites we get up the more likely we are to see results in getting the series back



    Welcome ladytass! ๐Ÿ™‚ And there’s also a great [color=orange]Starhunter[/color] forum at to check out, just in case you missed it amongst the many forums we have here, in the Cult Sci Fi Series Section of the board.

    This topic predates the creation of the forum, but since it’s generated new posts, I’ll move it there.



    Thank you for the welcome and it is nice to be here this is a truly stupendous undertaking and a great forum



    This is one of those shows I started watching for no apparent reason and for one reason or another got right into it…

    [quote=”The Invisible Lunatic”]Besides, Tanya Allen ain’t so shabby looking either….[/quote]
    I do believe I had what might almost be considered an adult ‘crush’ on this girl. I thought she was one of the sexiest chicks in Sci-Fi for quite a while!

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