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    As you all know 4th and 5th seasons are confirmed on farscape website but how do we all think S4 will start.

    Nostalgic Backtrack Mode:::::::::

    Crais is dead, Scorpy is dead, alive????, Aeryn is pregnant and gone, D’argo is in revenge mode, Moya is in a wormhole and Chrichton is lost.

    Now the question is where the frell is this going to start?

    Will chrichton look for Moya?
    Will Dargo/Aeryn find chrichton?
    Will Scorpy fake his death and find Chrichton?
    Will commandant cleavage find chrichton?


    Well I can tell you that if Farscape does Dallas, i.e. it was all a dream; then I will stop watching the show. s3 dragged and at times was very unoriginal, so if they pull soem bs like that, I wil give up all hope on the show.
    With that said, they’ll probably have Aeryn flying back because she felt guilty about leaving Chricton or something like that. Or The wormhole will reappear and Moya will fly out. In either case, the first goal will to be to look for the ship that didn’t come back. Following this, the crew (Moya, Chricton, Aeryn, Jool, and creepy old lady) will go around helping out hte rest of the crew. Help: Rygel regain his throne, Dargo in his revenge plot, Chiana in the Nebari resistance. They may even run into Stark, God I hope not! During all this they’ll be avoiding the usual suspects, PK’s and Scarrans. This season’s big enemy will probably be Commondant Cleavage.

    Oh and Harvey is still in John’s head, so that means that scorpius isn’t dead. From a production standpoint, they wouldn’t eliminate him totally unless they also got rid of Harvey.

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