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    Well, Newkate did most of the stripping but I did ALL the laying and the vast majority of the screwing….. God I HATE decorating

    The new sadPad is coming along (at least we can live in one of the rooms now).

    Sorry for not being around much, the place looks like a bomb has hit it.

    The front room looks ok now. It doesn’t look much, but I layed the laminate flooring and Newkatie painted the walls and I built the furniture (flatpack from IKEA)

    Next we start on the kitchen

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    My bedroom always looks like a bomb has hit it (I work on a chronological vertical sotrage system – the longer ago I saw something the deeper I need to dig)


    I still have unpacked boxes from last time I moved (6 years ago). You never know, I might need the stuff some day……

    By the way, the decorating is NEVER done. But the living room looks pretty good!



    awesome saddy! i see that good sense prevailed and you kept the fireplace …i am putting one in this winter…or at least what passes for winter in florida …just redid the ceilings and the airconditioning ducts and the garage door opener (so cool- i have a keypad to open the garage door…my friends say i need to get out more!)…more painting and new sofas next…


    trying to re-decorate my house at the moment too, only been waiting 5 years… my house looks like a war zone at the moment too!!


    I just cleaned my room… Im tired to.

    IKEA is Swedish ya know….GOD WERE SMART!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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