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    I’m sure this kind of subject has been covered in various threads, but what shows do you dislike? And, if you feel like discussing it, which seasons or specific episodes of a show, that you may or may not mostly like, were bad in your opinion?

    Since this is an inherently controversial topic, I better be super-safe by laying some basic ground rules for the thread.

    Just because we’re all sci-fi fans doesn’t mean we have to like, or support the same sci-fi shows. Agree to disagree. Feel free to debate the merits of a given show, but not the merits of the fans of that show. Since it comes down to personal taste more than anything, don’t take it personally if someone disses a show you love.

    Here’s my first pick: Galactica 1980. Sure the often cheesy Battlestar Galactica wasn’t exactly cerebral, but once they found Earth, the never that mentally challenging Galactica franchise started to look downright mentally challenged. Even as an unsophisticated kid myself, I thought this silly kiddie romp was juvenile dreck.

    Now on to a newer show: Enterprise. I quite like the show now, or, more accurately, at least I enjoy the interludes between the boring talky-talky and touchy-feely melodramatic bits… In other words, the commercials! πŸ˜† Just kidding, I generally hate commercials. πŸ˜‰

    Gratuitous Note: the thread’s title refers to an old segment on the ex Salter Street show, This Hour Has 22 Minutes.


    the Sci-fi show I was the most disapointed it would have to be Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Come on Roller Disco in space? Does the universe not hold enough horrors?

    Don’t even get me started on the Spandex and aqua-net ‘do’s


    LOST IN SPACE: THE MOVIE!! Yeeeeechie pooooooooooop!

    Hoary Bile!


    The movies : Sphere & Solaris.

    The series : Buffy & Babylon 5.

    I love Angel, but can’t stand Buffy. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know. Babylon 5 has always irritated me. Again, Im not sure why, but I can’t get into it at all.


    theFrey: In its day, I really liked Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, though it had a higher cheese quotient than the often cheesy Battlestar Galactica. I wasn’t that big on the disco aesthetic since my mantra of the day was punk band DOA’s “Disco Sux”, but now it makes me feel nostalgic for the good old hedonistic days (sure I was just a kid, but a very naughty one).

    While I thought it jumped the shark many times, I thought, unlike the Galactica shows, it was at its worst in the final season when they left Earth to Roger the cosmos.

    mysteriesofthesea: There are some movies and shows that are so bad they’re good (enjoyable), and then there are those that are just so bad they’re bad. Lost in Space: The Movie falls most assuredly into the latter category. Gotta be the lamest “reimagining” I’ve seen… Yechhhhh! Gotta say it was on the Space channel last night, and somehow I got to re-watching this quasi-remake disaster… I don’t know why I tortured myself with a re-viewing since I don’t derive the masochistic pleasure from that that I do with other filmic atrocities. Still, if I ever doubt myself as an (amateur) writer (SPs etc.), I can always look at it and say, “Hey, guess I could be worse, I could have penned that!”

    lexxrobotech: I liked elements of Sphere. It’s a bad movie, but a movie that I felt had a lot of, ultimately unfulfilled, promise. As for Solaris, I guess you mean the remake? I loved the original, and can’t bring myself to watch the newer one.

    I can’t stand Buffy either, but do, mostly, enjoy Angel (as long as there’s no love-story angle). As for B5, I like it. It’s certainly much better than the space station-based Deep Space 9 in my opinion, though not as good as Space 1999 (I’m associating the Moonbase Alpha with a space station.)


    I too couldn’t stomach Buffy after a couple of seasons, though I did end up watching it off and on ’til the end just out of habit and desperation.

    I hated Angel the first two seasons and liked it after that, and liked it even more after Charisma Carpenter departed the scene. I wasn’t happy about it at the time, but her departure made me realize that she was what was off in the series.

    My fandom in limited as far as scifi series go. I don’t like Stargate SG-1 or Stargate Atlantis. I can’t take Richard Dean Anderson seriously and I think they’re cheesier (and smellier) than a big ole hunk of limberger (no offense to the cheese). But, even though I don’t like ’em, I understand why some people do.

    I don’t know if this is actually true, but I feel that I’m in the vast minority when I say that Deep Space Nine was my favorite in the Star Trek franchise. Probably for the reason that other fans hated it: it didn’t follow the old tried and true ship formula, but did at the same time. The chemistry of the actors had a lot to do with that as well. The point being that I hated Voyager and pretty much detest Enterprise. Again, I see why fans would like it, I just don’t. Kate Mulgrew can’t act IMHO and Scott Bakula always has that bemused expression on his face no matter what he’s supposed to be emotiing. I hated the Borg (once again putting me in the minority), which didn’t help me latch on to Voyager. I kinda get a little tired of flipping by Enterprise and finding Jolene Blalock in her undies, sweating and rubbing all over some member of the crew. Not that she doesn’t fill out those pointy ears, mind you. I just think that kinda stuff has it’s place in enough programming without cheapening Star Trek with it. It just doesn’t seem to fit.

    That said, I miss Lexx, Farscape, Firefly and Futurama. They all seem to have that special blend of chemistry, decent storytelling and just plain weirdness and humor. Ah well, such is life.


    Hey, does anyone remember the short lived sci fi series, “the eden project”?

    Frankly, it was not Sci fi’s finest hour. No wonder it did not last long……


    I sometimes find that I enjoy the lame old sci-fi shows that get cancelled more than some of the smash hits.


    Mutant X …. total crap!

    But, dispite it being hated by venerable sci fi sadgeezers, I loved Buffy!! All seasons …even season 7! πŸ™‚


    “The Giant Chicken That Ate Cleveland?”

    I did see “The Day The Cayahoga River Caught Fire!!” 😯 😈

    ……….Stanelle πŸ™„ πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ 😈 πŸ˜‰


    da fairy’s 2 cents:

    sorry but Darklight????(scifi original picture) was there a plot besides which actors they managed to cast???

    Will the real Lilith please stand up? Please?


    I don’t normally go out side the BSG forums, but there’s some Sci fi that I just can’t stand and I need to vent.

    As others have said, Buck Rogers was awful. Firstly, even as a kid I knew Buck sounded an awful lot like that word my parents only said when they thought I wasn’t around. As if that wasn’t bad enough they name the mega babe female lead character Wilma, Wilma is Fred Flintstones wife, only a cartoon character can get away with a name like Wilma, this is the future for crying out loud, call her something sexy and futuristic, Ardala got a cool name after all. And of course there’s Twinky, the super smart programers of the future have somehow found it impossible to create a robot that doesn’t have to say “Dweebie dweebie dweebie” before uttering a few words of wisdom. The whole show was rank and I’m ashamed to say I watched it.

    A more recent example of Sci Fi gone bad is the abysmal attempts to rekindle the Babylon 5 magic with spin off’s. Crusade showed promice but I never really got anywhere, What I remember most was the God awful music that went with the episodes. It never seemed to convey the mood of what was on the screen and so failed to enhance the episodes in any way. In time it may have improved but we’ll never know.

    I also have to mention “The legend of the rangers”, another B5 spin off. I loved B5 with a passion but this show was so bad I had to laugh at it to continue to watch. Now I’m all for writers and such trying something new, but who in there right mind thought a virtual reality style tactical interface with the controller in question performing Martial art style kicks and punches would be taken seriously. Just watching that poor woman make a fool of herself as she kicked and punched furiously made me cringe. This system of weapons controll is supposed to be superior to a regular tactical inteface how????

    Finally, Andromeda…I began watching this series with high hopes, it did after all come from the mind of the Sci Fi great Gene Roddenberry. I had really enjoyed “Earth final Conflict” and thought this would be another great show. I found it quite childish though, the characters lacked any real depth, I quite liked the ships AI and Trance was quite interesting sometimes but the rest never captivated me. I watched the first series with half hearted interest, the season one finale did pick things up but season two proved to be just as bad. If Dylan wasn’t having his way with some alien beauty (yawn) then Beka was meeting up with some long lost love who betrayed her once and surprise surprise did so again. After mising several episodes of season two I stopped watching all together, I’m not sure but I think there have been two more seasons, I’ve not made any effort to watch them.

    On a more positive note, I really enjoyed Space above and beyond, War of the worlds (Can’t wait to see the remake) and Futurama if you can call it Sci fi πŸ™‚


    Basically the only good part of LIS movie was seeing Matt Le Blanc actually use his brain. It was good to see him play something other than a male bimbo.


    First off I have to say I enjoy all Sci-fi both good and bad although I could never get on with Alien Nation (cop show with latex) or Earth: Final Conflict. I have to agree with Logan, the final series of Buck Rogers was absolute garbage and Buffy went of past its ‘sell by’ date.

    Movies and shows that are so bad they are good: Plan 9 from Outer Space (of course), Tank Girl, Galaxina and Dark Star, UFO. They don’t make ’em like that any more! πŸ˜€

    Anyone remember V? I enjoyed it at the time but it has a major cheese factor to it now and the second series should have been put out of its misery before being inflicted on the public.


    For rank awful;

    -Sea Quest. I kept expecting Rory Scheider to start shark hunting.
    -Earth II. I hated those nimrods. The whole show made no sense.
    -Earth Final Conflict. I realy thought it was an insipid version of V.
    -Any Irwin Allen series besides Voyage to the Botom of the Sea, Time Tunnel, and Lost in Space(before it jumped the shark, i.e. went to color.)

    For guilty pleasure;(CHEESE πŸ˜€ )
    -Buck Rogers in the Twenty Fifth Century.
    -Battlestar Galactica(either series; but not 1980).
    -Flash Gordon-(the movie).
    -Star Trek; DS9.
    -Star Trek; Voyager.
    -Space 1999.
    -Quantum Leap.
    -Space Angel.
    -Dune(Dino Delaurentis version).

    For abominations;
    -Solaris(that awful movie-not the Russian film)
    -Lost in Space(the movie)
    -Star Trek: The Next Generation

    Brainfood(Okay so I enjoyed it with fish and chips πŸ˜† )
    -Babylon 5(My personal favorite)
    -Dune(One of the Science Fiction Channel’s few decent mini series.).
    -Star Trek(the original)!
    -Red Dwarf.
    -Dr. Who(especially those that featured Tom Baker)

    Ones that should have never seen the light of day;
    -Mars Attacks!
    -Any Star Trek film after The Wrath of Khan(And the ones before it too!)
    -Any Tim Burton film.
    -Ditto George Lucas.
    -And Steven Spielberg!(Jurassic Park and E.T.? I wanted to kill and eat the buggers!)

    Ones I didn’t get;
    -The Black Hole
    -Event Horizon

    My all time oldie favorites;
    -Commander Cody; Skymarshall.
    -Forbidden Planet.
    -When Worlds Collide.
    -From the Earth to the Moon.


    I want the team that is making the new BSG to remake Buck Rogers and start up a Flash Gordon series.

    I like the Batman movie Tim did but not the second one. Indiana Jones isn’t too bad either. eh….

    Androm and Enterprise can go though.


    Those that I didn’t enjoy:
    Star Wars episode 1 and 2, X-Files (late), Battlefield Earth, Matrix 2 and 3,

    Those that I thought did ok:
    Casshern, I Robot, Immortel (ad vitam), Kaena: La prophΓ©tie, Pitch Black, Star Trek: The Next Generation

    Those that I really enjoyed:
    Lexx, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica (new), X-Files (early), Tripping The Rift, Akira, Matrix 1, La CitΓ© des enfants perdus, Dark City, Dune, Electric Dreams, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Fifth Element, Rings trilogy

    Those that I thought where hillarious:
    Cyborg 3: The Recycler, Dracula 3000, Masters of the Universe,

    … and lots of more.


    Earth Final Conflict. I realy thought it was an insipid version of V.

    Blasphemy πŸ˜› Roddenbery created it in the late 70s but shelved it to make the Star Trek movie, so they didn’t have much to work with when they finally began filming almost 30 years later. I’ve never thought of it being like “V” but that’s pretty close.

    The worst Sci-Fi I think I’ve seen in a long while was that Mars movie with Carrie-Ann-Moss and Val Kilmer. I’m still trying to figure that one out. As for TV, there’s been some real stinkers over the years but Mutant X takes the cake. Usually when you rip off another series, you’ve got some nice content already written and you only need the premise. But here comes Mutant X to prove that theory wrong.


    The Black Hole was bad truly truly bad, it is my opinion that all copies should be hunted down and slaughtered in an orgy of magnetic tape and DVDs.

    Also The remake of The Time Machine, I mean what the hell was that?

    And finally, I liked 2001, but 2010 was a little bit too preachy for me, but the bits with HAL were cool!

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