The Aeon Flux movie was okay.

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    I liked what I saw. Based on what some have been saying, you’d think it’s the year’s biggest bomb. I don’t think it deserves that sort of criticism. Far from it. It’s certainly not an Oscar contender by a long shot. But it’s not a complete joke either.

    If you liked Underworld, Resident Evil, The Matrix, Sin City and other recent flashy action movies featuring chicks with guns, then this movie is definitely for you. There’s no doubt about it. Go see it without a second thought.

    If you’re not into these sorts of action movies I mentioned above, don’t bother.

    The story, if I recall correctly, pretty much follows that of the cartoon show. The weird sci-fi style is up there on the screen. It’s very much true to the cartoon. I think they did a good job. They succeeded in their plan of translating the cartoon to the movie. What you got in the movie is what you got in the cartoon. The only thing missing from the movie is the animation style that made Aeon Flux so cool. As a fan of the cartoon, I can’t complain. The missing style is replaced with polished visuals and hard-edged action.

    Thankfully, they didn’t resort to shakey-camera action all of the time. Only some of the time. Please, if there are any film makers out there reading this, please– just stop it already! Shakey, jerky camera movement doesn’t help the narration of an action movie. All it does is make the audience dizzy, cause seizures, and piss of amature critics like myself! Luckily, Aeon Flux doesn’t exclusively rely on this cheap technique. You can actually see the action and the choreography is not that bad.

    I got what I paid for. Pretty chicks with guns doing cool-ass action. If you dig that sort of thing you will not be disappointed.

    I read that some people had trouble following the plot or determining motivations or felt there was indeterminate character development. I did not have that sort of trouble. Perhaps because I was somewhat familiar with the basic premise of the story and I was used to the bizarre sci-fi happenings from the show. I had no problem keeping up with what was going on.

    One special surprise for me was the appearance of Pete Postlethwaite. Anytime that guy shows up in a movie, it always makes it one notch cooler for me.

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