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    Once again we’re here to remind you to take part in the Anniversary Job! It’s upon us this week folks.
    We want to get our snail mail letters out be Wednesday at the latest.

    Remember they need to be varied. Thank you cards, homemade postcards, postcards from where you live, letters on paper which has a letterhead, stationary you create, some folks are using brown paper. Some folks are sending it on plain ordinary stationary.
    We want to not seem like a bunch of fans following each other, we want to seem like who we are… intelligent, regular folks who enjoy this story and who are grateful for what Universal did for us.

    The Anniversary Job

    September 30th will mark the first Anniversary of the American Release of “Serenity”. To commemorate this event, we’d like folks to do the following:

    A few days prior to that date, send a letter to Universal Studios in Hollywood. In your own words, Congratulate them, Thank them for making the film and include any other comments you’d like to make. Contact info is below.

    On the 30th, please do two things; Send Universal an e-mail of thanks (like the letter), and Celebrate the Anniversary by watching the Series or the movie with someone who hasn’t seen it before! This can be anything from a small get-together in your Living Room to booking a Venue and showing the film for Charity. Just let others know about the Serenifly ‘verse.

    If you’re gonna buy Serenity DVD’s for someone for a gift for the holiday season, why not do it now? The anniversary will be a great day to do that and they’ll keep.

    Thank you.

    mailing address :
    Universal Pictures
    100 Universal City Plaza
    Universal City, CA 91608
    Attn: Donna Langley


    Attn: Jon Gordon

    e-mail address:

    Remember when you do the’ll get various places to click. Go to Production. It stands the biggest chance of being seen by someone.

    -Thank you all very much for your help!

    TD/Tim Brown


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