The Anniversary Job

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    September 30th, 2006 marks the one year anniversary of Serenity’s red carpet U.S. premiere at Universal Studios. Browncoats all across the country will be participating in many activities, and everyone is encouraged to make this day something special for Serenity.
    Serenity ‘Versary will be what we make it. The spirit of the day will involve these two expressions:

    1) “Thank you” to Universal for its faith in Joss and for making the movie Serenity a reality. It’ll take the form of a letter writing campaign. A HUGE letter writing campaign! If Universal receives a huge amount of mail, then the fan base will be apparent… they can do their own math. We’re calling this The Anniversary Job.

    2) Celebrate Serenity with other fans, and also bring Serenity to the attention of potential new fans.

    To learn more go to these two places:

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