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    mandara k

    only get the door prize!!

    Writing, that’s right, writing.

    LOST has very tight writing, everything you or I see on the screen is not extraneous, they tie it tight together into big arcs, medium size arcs, and small arcs.

    The cast of a lot of small name actors, not a one I could say wow, they are famous. One from LOTR’s, one of seen before I think on commercials and Naveen Andrews of course.

    They are not shying away to killing off characters that we, the audience, have come to know and to like.

    Now there are some drawbacks of course. Their CGI is total crap, the plane crash for the tail section,; a sorry piece of work.

    I’m not buying Pa Kettle and the Others too well yet but i have 8 eps to finish season 2 yet.

    That hatch thing was kinda stoopid at first and a jump the shark moment, but somehow they are making it work, again tight control on arcs.

    Now to BSG, the freedom of sci-fi keeps this still afloat, and strong arc control on the mini and some of season 1. I think Act of Contrition os when we started seeing a loosening of arc control until we got a hell holy mess that they are trying to dance out of in this season.

    I like the fluidity of thought, but it has to have some direction, and tighter control.

    Of course the CGI kicks it: the music, refreshing at times; and sometimes you just want a shoot’ em up ep or the tearful “We’re all in this together, kid ” that only daddy Adama can deliver.

    They are dragging these characters through incredible changes, which can be reasoned away with their plight…. to a point.

    There needs to be more arcs, of all sizes. This is what worked in the mini and Season 1, all of them had bits and pieces of A,B, and C arcs and they got woven together. Some one got busy or lazy and now they are trying to live on one or two and have tried (and failed )with filler for the rest.

    Nope, you need to craft these stories. You’ll need to burn the candle at both ends, have the spouses bring in lunch, whatever, and get back on track. The cry should be the audience sees only story, nothing that does not need to be there should not be there.

    Don’t get LOST on the path to any red carpet.

    Signing off.

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