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    I find this hard to believe…This huge site dedicated to all things geek in TV and movies and I have yet to find a reference to The Collector. To be fair I may have missed it somewhere in the forums but how can you not call this AMAZING show a cult classic?


    Hmm. I’ve never heard of it!

    Thanks for the heads up though, I’ll check it out.



    It was a recent Canadian produced supernatural drama which was recently cancelled (for reading cancellation email) after three seasons by CHUM due to low ratings.

    They had hoped to crack the US and UK markets.

    It features our beloved Ellen Dubin (Giggy from Lexx).

    Actually, using the search engine, there are quite a few references to the show at this site due to Ellen Dubin’s participation in it. And theFrey mentions the show’s name in the TDCon thread you responded to. But there hasn’t been much discussion of the show since so few people here have seen it (or had easy access to it).

    Thanatos, you might want to check out THIS (click) thread.

    Here’s The Collector site for anyone interested ->

    Though I did quite enjoy what I watched of it (not quite my cup of tea to tell the truth), I do think it’s a little too recent to readily be considered a classic. And not saying it doesn’t have its fanbase, but perhaps it hasn’t been seen by enough people to develop a strong cult-following. I was able to catch it on City TV and SPACE (both CHUM channels — CHUM produced it, and CHUM is a major player in Canada).

    Of course this is primarily a sci-fi board, and The Collector is a story of the supernatural, rather than, say, the technological. Angel, Buffy, ahem…

    I do wish more Cancon (Canadian content) shows did well outside of Canada (and even in Canada), but at least I’m content that the Canadian co-production LEXX has made such a splash with an international community of cult geezers.


    … recently cancelled after three seasons by CHUM due to low ratings.

    I do wish more Cancon (Canadian content) shows did well outside of Canada (and even in Canada),

    Speaking of tangents, what is Trailer Park Boys like? Or why is it an international cult hit still going strong after 6 seasons? My first (and only) impression was that its complete crap..


    I haven’t researched your question, so as for the appeal I’ll say, sex and drugs and rock and roll man — especially drugs. It’s edgy, foul-mouthed, violent at times, over-the-top, trashy and has a sort of 60’s counter-culture appeal. Free the weed, stick it to the man, swear a lot … A winning formula all around. And despite the mischief that the protaganists get up to, they’re still kinda loveable in a none-too-bright way.

    I gotta admit that I do find it funny — like South Park it can be so tasteless and immature. It pushes the limits. I think the kind of mockumentary-style works well. It is kind of crap, and that’s part of the appeal.

    Speaking of crap, Mr. Lahey makes an excellent villian who has some fantastic sh*t, or just fantastically sh*tty depending on how you look at it, lines… As just a few examples…

    Highlight to view [soilers]

    ”He’s takin’ the sh*t tornado right back to Oz.”

    “Birds of a sh*tfeather flock together….”

    “You know, he grew up as a little sh*t-spark from the old sh*t-flint. And then he turned into a sh*t-bonfire and then driven by the winds of his monumental ignorance, he turned into a raging sh*t-firestorm. If I get to be married to Barb i’ll have total control of Sunnyvale, and then I can unleash a sh*tnami tidal wave that’ll engulf Ricky and extinguish his sh*t-flames forever. And with any luck, he’ll drown in the undersh*t of that wave. Sh*t-waves.”

    “You’re up sh*ts creek ina sh*t storm without a sh*t paddle.”

    Some episodes to watch out for are: A Sh*t Leopard Can’t Change Its Spots; Never Cry Sh*twolf; The Sh*t Puppets; Don’t Cross the Sh*t Line; Sh*t Blizzard; The Winds of Sh*t and Jim Lahey Is A Fu*kin’ Drunk And He Always Will Be. [/soilers]

    Pure genius! 😆


    Well, that was pretty shitty – thanks Logan 🙂


    Ellen is apparently keeping busy. She is currently shooting a movie of the week called The Wifes He Forgot. She plays Molly Ringwald’s best freind.

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